Hrm and Business Perperctive

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  • Published : February 22, 2011
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HRM IN BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE: Societal Analysis of Organizational and individual performance

MG Jomon, XLRI

Why Organizations at all ?...
Create values for the society Scio-economic Development Civilization and culture What an individual can not do, can be done by a group or an organization

MG Jomon, XLRI

Organizational membership
As long as organizations create values for the society Seizes its right to exist the moment it does not add value as expected by the society

MG Jomon, XLRI

Types of organizations
Business organization Institution NGO Government Judiciary Media\Press Citizen group Family Fundamental group/Terrorist group MG Jomon, XLRI

Organizational/Institutional Performance
Performance Indexes:
• High productivity • High Quality • Cost effectiveness • Growth and diversification • Corporate Social Responsibility Financial indicators (Based on balance sheet) MG Jomon, XLRI

Organizational Performance
• Tata steel: Contributions to the city and India • Infosys: Aspirations of the middle class come true • Nuclear Deal - Governmental performance • Cricket world Cup in 1983 - Team • Abhinav Bindra’s gold Medal in Olympics – Individual performance MG Jomon, XLRI

Societal Performance
Performance Indexes:
• Per Capita Income • Gross National Product • Gross Domestic Product

UNDP Report Indexes:
• Human Development Index (HDI) • Human Poverty Index (HPI) • Gender Related Development Index (GDI) Amartya Sen’s ideas on Economic freedom have contributed to the UNDP Human Development Report broader measures of welfare and poverty MG Jomon, XLRI

Individual Performance
Activity Vs. Work Basic unit of work completion - At individual level Seizes a persons right to be a member of the organization the moment s/he does not meet the expectation of the ‘significant others’ in the organization Lack of competency is often a barrier to high performance MG Jomon, XLRI

Implications for individuals
Must create value in...
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