Hrm 531 Career Development Plan

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Career Development Plan
HRM 531
May 2, 2011
Career Development Plan
Kudler Fine Foods is a local upscale specialty food store located in the San Diego metropolitan area (University of Phoenix, 2003). With the success of our venture, the demand for our products is reaching an all-time high. As a member of the management team at Kudler Fine Foods (KFF), I wish to add a total of five new positions to our family. There is one first level management position, which basically is an assistant store manager under my supervision. The other four would be distributed evenly within the stocking and cashiers’ team. The job descriptions of the required positions are as follow: Assistant Store Manager

Assistant store manager contributes to the success of Kudler by assisting the Store Manager in executing day to day activities and to meet organizational goals. Essential Duties
1. Assist the store manager to carry out tasks.
2. Train workers on store policies, department procedures, and job duties. 3. Order merchandise, supplies, and equipment.
4. Track orders and inventory levels.
5. Prepare sales and inventory reports.
6. Be able to resolve any customer conflicts.
7. Be able to help wherever help is needed.
Qualifications and Experience
The assistant store manager must have retail management experience (min 2 years), preferably in a grocery store environment but is not required. Must be able to work well with others, know the products and their use, and must be able to answer customer questions pertaining to our products and services.

Cashiers are responsible for maintaining excellent customer service as per our company standards and are efficient and accurate while running the cash register. Essential Duties
1. Provide outstanding customer service.
2. Operate the cash register with accuracy with little or no errors. 3. Be able to record prices, departments, and item weights. 4. Tracking product sold is very important but not heavily stressed. 5. Bag the purchased items if bagger not available.

6. Collect cash, check, or charge payment from customer for products sold. 7. Be able to count money in cash drawer, and count correct change to give back to customers on cash transactions. 8. Count cash drawer at beginning and end of shifts.

9. Provide service with a smile.
Qualifications and Experience
Cashiers must have excellent interpersonal and standard math skills. 6-12 months experience is preferred but not required.

Stockers are responsible for storing, pricing and restocking merchandise displays in store. Essential Duties
1. Attach or change prices when needed.
2. Must be able to locate all products in the store with ease. 3. Stock and restock new and transferred items.
4. Set up advertising signs, ad displays, counters or tables to attract customers. 5. Help with price checks and customer service when needed. Qualifications and Experience
Stockers must be able to lift 50 pounds, must be able to recall where all items are located, and should get creative with ad displays. 6+ months experience is preferred but not required.

After the employment decisions have been made, employees will go through a training program to introduce and enhance the skills and qualifications of new and current employees. The training program will consist of employees from all the departments in the store. After the initial training of Kudler, in which we teach our values, beliefs, and visions, the staff will be split up on the basis of their department of work. Through the use of resources such as presentations, pamphlets, and audio each department will then go through a training session, in which it enhances the employees understanding of their tasks, duties, and responsibilities. After the training sessions each department will consist of employees who will be completely comfortable with their department and area of expertise....
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