Hrm/531 Career Development Plan

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Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) was established in 1998 by Kathy Kudler. Kathy Kudler created KFF to provide a unique brand of quality organic foods for the communities in California. KFF first store to begin operation was La Jolla Store (Kudler, 2003). The La Jolla store is doing very well in the community in which it was established. Since the beginning of La Jolla store, additional gourmet stores were being approved for operations. As of now, there are three Kudler Fine Foods in full operation. Kathy Kudler is the sole owner of KFF. Kathy

Kudler is in the process of restructuring the operation and has appointed current managers for middle management positions at each store to take on more responsibilities. During the current restructuring, appointed mid level managers will be required to hire more personnel, develop a training plan for current and new staff, and develop a better appraisal system. The team of Kudler Fine Foods is given the task of developing a proposal to submit to Karen Kudler. The store that will be required to have additional staff, training, and appraisal system is Encinitas. An evaluation will be administered to determine the financial state of Encinitas and the amount of funds that can be allocated to accommodate the new hires, and training.

As of 2004, Kudler Fine Foods has grossed over three million dollars in sales. The benefit for Encinitas store front is based on the consumer’s buying power. Based on the strategic plan over KFF, the median income in this middle class suburban California district is 75, 000’s. The average age range is thirty-nine years of age. Therefore, consumers are more concerned about eating healthier, entertaining, and experiencing new international culinary experiences. Encinitas financial contributions to KFF future appear very persuasive in this buyers market, and Kudler Fine Foods expects for this market area to increase. Karen Kudler has been very busy and stretched to run all stores, so a team has been implemented to complete a job analysis. Based on the completed job analysis, Encinitas will need a first-level manager, officer manager, and three service clerks. For marketing, sales, and promotions management positions, some employers prefer a bachelor’s or mater’s degree in business administration with an emphasis on marketing. Courses in business law, management, economics, accounting, finance, mathematics and statistics are advantageous (Labor Statistics, 2008). Kudler Fine Foods is a very highly specialized business, which is planning on expanding in the future. Therefore, KFF will only acquire the best team members to be a part of the growing success.

Job Description and Qualification

Job Description for first-level manager
The first-level manager will manage sales, customer concerns, and monitor inventory frequently to ensure that shelves are stocked to provide outstanding customer service. Report to: Mid-Level Manager

Resolve customer complaints regarding sales and service. •Monitor customer preferences to determine focus of sales. •Direct and coordinate activities involving sales of gourmet foods. •Determine price schedules and discount rates

Itemizes and reconcile accounts payable and receivable
Direct, coordinate, and review activities in sales, and service accounting, and recordkeeping, and in receiving and shipping operations. •Motivates sales clerks to assist customer service
Oversee regional and local sales
Direct international sales and service outlets for store

Bachelor degree in marketing, business administration, or food and nutrition •Require 8 years experience working in specialized food services •Give full attention to the needs of customers and employees. •Analyzing information and evaluation results to choose the best solution. •Knowledge of spreadsheet, and word processing applications •Seek out new...
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