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Topics: Human resource management, Management consulting, Ethics Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: February 16, 2013
The role of a human resources management consultant is one that requires the ability to manage a client’s needs while maintaining another client’s privileged information. It is important to note that although these roles and responsibilities may overlap, it is still critically that the information be safeguarded. However, it is my thought that by customizing strategies for a particular organization that this will serve as a means to reduce the potential for overlapping of client’s business strategies. Yet, it is still important as a human resources consultant to ensure that the strategies developed for the client be established with the idea for them to gain a competitive advantage in their stated market. Areas of Overlap with Other Clients

1. Identify the areas of overlap in the new client organization with others that have had as clients. If you have limited experience with these types of problems, be sure to research common issues to complete this question. As a human resources consultant that has been recently hired, my first priority would be to understand the organizational needs as it relates to the human resources consulting project. It is through this particular process where previous experiences in gathering information would be invaluable. In most human resource consulting initiatives the client will request particular services to be performed in one or all of the following areas: talent, compensation, benefits and policy development. However, a client may also request services in succession and performance plan development. Regardless of the tasks that are being requested, the consultant must exhibit integrity in regards to protecting client’s proprietary information. “Having integrity means adhering to deeply felt ethical principles in business situations” (Boone & Kurtz, 2011, p. 40). Yet, the possibility for potential ethical dilemmas can still exist.

Possible Ethical Dilemmas
2. Explain the ethical dilemma(s) that...
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