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Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, Management Pages: 4 (1293 words) Published: March 7, 2013

The Backbone of a Company: HRM
Tianna Logan
Dwight Walker
25 Feb 2013
The Backbone of a Company: HRM
Human Resources (HR) are apart of every company/organization. It may be called by a different name depending on the company, but they all server the same purpose. However, HR management is not to be confused with regular management. In addition, HR management can vary depending upon the diversity in the work environment. This paper will explore HR management, its’ functions, strategic planning, the role HR plays in strategic planning, the difference between management and hr management and how diversity can affect HR management. These may seem like minuscule factors, but these all help or is shaped by HR management. The most important concept to start with is what human resource management is? HR management is the management of an organizations workforce (Wikipedia, 2013). As stated by Huntley (2005), “The general mission of a public human resource manager is to serve individuals and the community by ensuring effective management of human resources through comprehensive programs that develop and maintain a quality workforce”. Thus, the primary function being to ensure that the laws are followed, employees are productive and the company thrives. This is not to be confused by typical management in an organization. Management is when a leader is chosen as a superior to other employees of the company in order to control, decide and help the employees complete a common goal/task (Wikipedia, 2013). However, the four main functions of HR management could relate to the main function of management. Of course, the question is what are the functions of HR management? The four functions of HR management are simple objectives in order to keep the work flow going. The first is staffing objectives; Staffing objectives, “ensures that the right staff are available at the right time in the right place” (Bloisi, 2006)....
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