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By | October 2008
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The role of OD and HR in attracting and retaining staff

Name: Seah Li Qing Serene
Student No: 30931734
Lecturer: Mr Frankie Yee

Declaration :
Except where i have indicated, the work i am submitting in this assignment is my own work and has not been submitted for assessment in another course.


The Research Problem
The purpose of this report is to analyze the role of Human Resource (HR) and Organisational Development (OD) in attracting and retaining staff. The Limitations of the Report
Due to the restricted research, the amount of information available is minimal.

The Sources and Methods of Data Collection
The majority of data was obtained via books on the topics of recruiting, motivating and retaining staff, acquired at National Library and Murdoch University Library. There are also many journals used, that were gathered from online sources, such as Public Libraries Singapore.

The Report Organisation
Executive Summary – Outlining the report.
Introduction – Identified research problem, limitations of report and data collection. Discussion – Discusses the importance of recruiting, motivating and retaining staff in organisations. Conclusion – Summarizes what the report addresses and the key ideas.


1Roles of OD and HR personnel in attracting staff
1.1The importance of attracting the right staffright staff Employing the right staff for the job is crucial for an organisation to be successful. In an organisation like Harvey Norman; it is clear for example that a successful store manager has to have a different set of skills and educational background than those needed to be a delivery man. All organisations must consider the right staff for the right job. The Harvard Business Essentials (2002, p8) states that finding the right staff consist of...

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