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The PSALM Security and Investigation Agency is a Sole Proprietorship Company that offers security services to those clients that who are in need. They also distribute security guards and security officer to their client. It is located at 53-C Roces Avenue, Brgy. LagingHanda, Quezon City. Their business career started last February 2008 and still continuing their mission for almost 4 Years in a row. The man behind its success is Mr. Vivencio B. Ramos, the owner of the company. With the support of his family, his business had grown a lot compared when they have started. Beyond of lack of their office wares and few employees before, the companies already have 23 clients and have given jobs to the hundreds of applicants here and outside the metro. Some of their clients were School of Holy Spirit Quezon City, College of Holy spirit, Tarlac, Holy Spirit Academy of Malolos, Our Lady of Lourdes East Manila Hospitals and Managers Corporation, La Consollacion College Biñan Laguna, La Consollacion Manila, Sea oil Pasig, Conmec Corporation; Cameo Rama Construction Supply and many more.

For addition, the Human Resources Department has outsourcing the human power of the company for almost a year and had been getting used to the traditional system which is the another burden to the company. The distribution of their pay slips is like a “door-to-door service” which is a little bit hassle for the company because of it’s time wasted delivering it instead of using that time for some important reasons(like promoting the company to gain more client).

B. Organizational Chart
I. Organizational Chart

II. Duties and Responsibilities
Human Resource Department Manager
* Create a harmonious working environment, free of intimidation, hostility, offence and any form of harassment, sexual harassment and abuse of authority. In order to achieve such an environment, managers and supervisors must act as role models by upholding only the highest standards of conduct; * Communicate the policy on workplace harassment, sexual harassment and abuse of authority to all staff members, ensure that staff take the compulsory on-line Training and Certification Program on the Prevention of Harassment and Abuse of Authority and the Training Course on Ethics, and act as a resource for staff members and non-staff personnel; * Ensure that staff and non-staff personnel do not engage in workplace harassment, sexual harassment, or abuse of authority. Special attention needs to be given to staff members supervising others. * Take measures consistent with the present policy should they witness any acts of workplace harassment, sexual harassment, or abuse of authority; * Ensure that incidents of workplace harassment, sexual harassment or abuse of authority are promptly addressed. In such cases, managers and supervisors must demonstrate fairness, impartiality, and be free from intimidation or favoritism; * Ensure that all discussion, communications and actions are handled with extreme sensitivity and utmost confidentiality; and * Ensure that no staff is retaliated against.

Operational Manager
* Oversees the daily sales and Operations of the Plant
* Help exceed Company sales and Operations Goals
* Responsible for profit and loss in all aspects of the business * Develop budgets
* Hire train and evaluate core teams in the business
* Oversee the plants procedures and policies
* Set and maintain productivity and quality standards
* Distribute daily workloads to the plant Managers
* Work with sales to determine Pricing
* Ensure Customer excellence and delivery of Quality products * Oversee inventory in the plant
* Work with Purchasing, Accounts Payable and Finance
* Oversee Materials Management departments
* Schedule Maintenance and upkeep of the plant facility
* Manage Vendor relations
* Schedule Plant meetings, Safety meetings and Staff...
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