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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Part 1: Forum Discussions

Out of the all forum discussion there were five that stood out as most interesting to me which were: romance in the workplace, mapping your skills with mistakes at work, turning possibility to reality with personal issues, working with difficult people, and social networking. All of these forums made me learn something in many ways, which has made me grow as a leader, and opened my eyes to more possibilities in the workplace. I think that the most important thing about working is finding what you truly love to do and then pursing your interests. My father always said that if you love the job that you do, you would never have to go to work. This meaning that if you love your work it will not feel as though you are working. Sometimes finding romance in the workplace can help you pursue your right career. I believe that your career path is so crucial to how the rest of your life turns out whether it is amazing or full of boredom. Although finding your passion is not easy to some people it was interesting to me to see how people found out what they wanted to do in their lives as well as finding out what to focus on. There were not any specific issues that caused me to rethink my original thoughts because I have always thought that in some way it is not too complicated to find your true passion because even when you are younger you know what you want to be in life. For example, when I was younger I wanted to be an actress and a singer and even though I may not be either of those things right now I know that it is still something I have wanted to do all of my life. Pursing your passions is important in life because when you are happy in what you do you will give the most amazing work you can give at your full potential.

Mapping out your skills is another way to maximize your career flow. You can find your skills by making mistakes at work. For example, if you make a mistake putting a program on the computer but it...