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Changes in Human Resources Status: Promotion, Transfer, and Seperation Changes are bound to happen within an organization with respect to its structure, functions, and work load. These changes affect the number and types of jobs that are to be staffed within the organization. Similarly changes occur within the human resources of an organization, in terms of qualifications, capacities, attitude and behaviour. All these changes necessitate changes in the placement of the human resource by means of transfer, promotions, separations, and sometimes even layoffs. This movement is a function of placement, defined as the assignment of the right man to the right job. TRANSFER

The transfer of an employee encourages versatility and flexibility. Transfer are made to meet organizational needs. The primary purpose of a transfer is to increase effectiveness in attaining objectives. CONTROL OF TRANSFER

The organization must make definite plans like:
1. Who should be authorized and be responsible in deciding on transfer; 2. Who would be approached in cases of employees requesting transfers; 3. Who should be empowered to recommend such transfer;

4. What criteria will determine when to effect a transfer; KINDS OF TRANSFER
>When an employee is transferred temporarily to another job created by vacation or sick leaves, he has an opportunity to show his versatility and expand his knowledge and ability. PERMANENT
>While the transferee has the opportunity,he must prove his worth by consistent development in his skills in coping with the presents trends, particularly in matters of leadership. Types of transfer:

Production transfer—This is intended to avoid layoffs on the job while workers are being hired for a similar type of work elsewhere. Replacement transfer- The intention is similar to that of production transfer. However, the employee with a long service record is transferred to a similar job in another department where he replaces another with...
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