Hrd Training Aspects of an Organisation

Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, United Nations Pages: 9 (2927 words) Published: October 29, 2010
LV III – 1753
Mr. Manish Srivastava
H.No.-320, Shakti Nagar
P.O. - Indira Nagar

A Project Report based on in – depth - study and critical analysis of the following HRD training aspects of an Organisation. a) HRD System: Human Resource Planning, Training Policy, Training Budget. b) Training Need Assessment System.

c) Training and other Development Programmes and their evaluation. d) Strategies for improving HRD activities in the Organisation.


HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING - Is the choice of the complete the internship project because in option II is covered all the parts of human resource system of an organization for both employees and the organization. Effective human resource planning can help managers to meet organizational sub goals as well as wider objectives such as profitability and the needs of employees in the organization. Human resource planning is mutually interrelated with many of the organization's other endeavors in personnel management. The strongest relationship exists between human resource planning and selection. In fact, all selection efforts really are an integral part of the whole human resource planning process. Planning is a process that has to be commenced form somewhere and completed for a purpose. It involves gathering information that would enable managers and supervisors make sound decisions. The information obtained is also utilized to make better actions for achieving the objectives of the Organization. There are many factors that you have to look into when deciding for an HR Planning programme. HR Planning involves gathering of information, making objectives, and making decisions to enable the organization achieve its objectives. HR have an enormous task keeping pace with the all the changes and ensuring that the right people are available to the Organization at the right time. It is changes to the composition of the workforce that force managers to pay attention to HR planning. The changes in composition of workforce not only influence the appointment of staff, but also the methods of selection, training, compensation and motivation. It becomes very critical when Organizations merge, plants are relocated, and activities are scaled down due to financial problems.

In addition, human resource planning is related to performance appraisal, training and development. Performance appraisals can pinpoint the skills that will be required for employees to move into higher-level positions via promotion, while training and development efforts may then be designed to provide these skills. To meet organizational goals, human resource planning seeks to ensure that the organization's demand for individuals at any particular time will be just met by available human resources. This view assumes that "stockpiling" employees at levels greater than needed and being understaffed are both undesirable. This assumption represents a major difference between planning for human resources and planning for nonhuman resources. Although it is generally unacceptable to stockpile or build inventories of human resources, organizations may find it necessary or desirable to build up raw materials or finished-goods inventories.

It is unacceptable to hold human resource inventories for three reasons. First, human resources are costly and it may be difficult to justify the expense of excess personnel. As the previous example of the employment of temporaries indicated, there are sounder and more cost-effective options available to personnel planners in business firms. Second, excess people are not engaged in productive work, and are likely to be bored and frustrated by the lack of anything constructive to do. Such boredom and frustration can create problems because excess people may make unnecessary work for productive people and may even inhibit the firm's total productive efforts. Third, since human resources (particularly skilled and professional...
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