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1.0 CONTEXT :-



National policy on education 1986 which includes 10 year Technician education investment program for upgrading newly introduced Diploma Programs, with emphasis on rural population as well as continuing education programs aimed at upgrading already employed Technicians. This policy also emphasized on improving the quality of these Diploma Programs by strengthening teacher’s training program, curriculum development, examination & student assessment system and modernizing the Workshops, laboratories and classrooms of the polytechnics. Finally NPE – 86 aimed to improve the efficiency of the TES by strengthening the A.I.C.T.E., the Four T.T.T.I’s, the D.T.E., M.S.B.T.E., granting academic autonomy to selected polytechnics and further strengthening the NTMIS and NATIONAL BOARD of ACCREDITATION . (Ref.-A comparative study of Technical Education in Germany &India with spl-reference to Maharashtra – Ph.d. dissertation – by Dr.A.R.Thete )

The World Bank assisted Project for strengthening Technician education system in Maharashtra State was implemented by the State Government during 1992 to 1999. (Ref- Policy & Direction report – DIIC (M.S.) Mumbai)

The World Bank assisted Project has been conceived as the means of implementing most of the decisions included in the NPE –1986. The goal of WBAP was to support NPE – 1986 and emphasis was given on capacity expansion, quality improvement and efficiency improvement.

As an impact of this project, infrastructure facilities have been provided to all the institutions and there has been some achievements towards improving quality of polytechnic education system. On the similar lines of the World Bank Assisted Project the Canada-India Institute Industry linkage project has been launched in Maharashtra State . It will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the TES by means of ← Developing suitable models for effective interaction and linkage between Technical Institutions and Industry.

← Ensuring sustainability and promoting replication of the project initiatives. ← Private Sector participation in Human Resource Development issues. (Ref- Policy & Direction report – DIIC (M.S.) Mumbai)

INDO-AUSTRIA Project is under planning stage and this will provide CNC Machining Technology in the Technical Institutes of Maharashtra State for Training and Educational purposes. (Ref- Policy & Direction report – DIIC (M.S.) Mumbai)

1.1.2 Thrust toward qualitative improvement :-

Prior to the emergence of World Bank assisted Project the training was imparted by ISTE, TTTI etc. The experiences gained during training were not fully utilized. Due to World Bank assisted project the State has made effort to improve management and educational process, but these efforts were fragmentary. In the last five decades there has been manifold expansion in polytechnic education systems. The unprecedented expansion notwithstanding, the system design has remained more or less static. Changes in the system if any have been superficial in nature. As a result, the system continues to produce more of the routine kind of output, not adequately responding to the changing needs. (Ref. – Draft policy guidelines for training teachers of polytechnics & engineering colleges - Ministry of H.R.D., Department of Secondary & Higher Education, May-2000)

Technical education is now considered as one of the most crucial inputs for socio – economic development with enormous potential for improving the quality of life of the people. Improvement in Education & Management processes is essentially slow, primarily because educational enterprise as whole is labour intensive and not capital intensive. Improvement of...
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