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United Commercial Bank Ltd. (UCBL)

Company Profile:
United Commercial Bank Ltd. (UCBL) is one of the first generation private sector banks in Bangladesh, commenced its commercial operations from mid 1983 and has since been able to establish one of the largest networks of 110 branches in six different districts. United Commercial Bank Ltd. (UCBL) is a Bangladesh based financial institution that provides banking services. The services include personal and business banking, loans, credit cards, online banking and money transfer services. The bank operates in Bangladesh, where it is headquartered in Dhaka. With its firm commitment to the economic development of the country, the Bank has already made a distinct mark in the area of Private Sector Banking through personalized service, innovative practices, dynamic approach and efficient Management.

* Corporate Information at a Glance

Registered Name | United Commercial Bank Limited |
Registered Head Office | CWS(A)-1,Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh | Chairman | Mr. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury, MP|
Vice Chairman| Mr. Showkat Aziz Russell|
Managing Director | Mr. M. Shahjahan Bhuiyan |
Number of Branches | 125|

Mission: The Bank, aiming to play a leading role in the economic activities of the country, is firmly engaged in the development of trade, commerce and industry thorough a creative credit policy. Vision: To be the bank of first choice through maximizing value for our clients, shareholders and employees and contributing to the national economy with social commitments.

Human Resource Dept. of UCBL:

The HR Department of United Commercial Bank Ltd. consists of 15 HR Professionals. The department is structured by 1 Divisional/Department Head, 3 Sub-Department Head, 3 Line Managers and 7 HR Employees. There are three sub-departments. Each department is related to each other. They conduct frequent task. To any decision or to conduct any specific tasks like Recruiting, the sub-departments communicate between them. They share information and other resources.

Sub-Departments and their tasks:
HR Operations:| HR Development:| Research/Learning & Development:| 1. Recruitment| 1. Job Description| 1. Need Assessment| 2. Compensation Management| 2. Manpower Planning| 2. Training| | 3. Promotion| |

| 4. Employee Service (Separation, Welfare)| |

* For conducting different tasks, HR employees are divided into small teams and the evaluated materials, paper works and results are cross-checked before final submission or decision making. For example, before recruiting, Manpower team finds out the vacancies. Then they sit with the recruitment team and acknowledge them about this. Then recruitment team starts their recruiting process.

* The HR Dept. of UCBL uses a software for accomplishing different HR activities and data management purpose, this software is called – “ERP”

Recruiting & Selection (R&S):

The HR Dept. of DBBL is responsible for recruiting three types of employees: * Regular Employees
* Contractual Employees
* Auxiliary Staff
Recruiting and Selecting Regular Employees:

* The regular employee list consists of – Junior Officer, Officer, Senior Officer, Executive officer, Senior Executive officer, Assistant Vice President, First Assistant Vice President, Vice President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Executive Vice President, Senior Executive Vice President, Deputy Managing Director, Assistant Managing Director and Managing Director.

* The regular employees can be a fresher or experienced person. The R&S process for fresher is a little different than the R&S process of experienced person. The experienced persons do not sit for any kind of written test.

* Internal Recruiting Process:

* For Internal Recruiting, UCBL publish a circular on their web portal named “UCB I”. Only internal employees can visit...
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