Hrd & Line Manager

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Recruitment refers to the process of attracting, screening, and selecting a qualified person for a job. At the strategic level it may involve the development of an employer brand which includes an 'employee offering'

The role of HR manager in rceruitment and selection is a very vital one : 1. Advertising for specfic candidates required for specific jobs 2. Scrutinising the candidates reumes
3. Short list candidates for interview.
4. call the short listed candidates for interview.
5. rateof interview
6. of which short list candidates ofr final round
7. fixing pay packages to the selected candidates
8. which are all candidates are through in final rond will be hired. 9. look into the aspects as to whether needs traininmg in teh pa 10 observer for thier daily performance

Who are line managers?
Line managers are those managers to whom individual employees or teams directly report and who have responsibility to a higher level of management for those employees or teams. The term ‘front-line managers’ is rather more specific and normally refers to line managers in the lower layers of the management hierarchy – that is, where the employees who report to them do not themselves have any managerial or supervisory responsibility. Front-line managers are often promoted from within and are unlikely to have formal management education. Typically the management responsibilities carried out by line managers (particularly front-line managers) might include: * day-to-day people management

* managing operational costs
* providing technical expertise
* organisation of work allocation and rotas
* monitoring work processes
* checking quality
* dealing with customers/clients
* measuring operational performance.
As examined in detail below, line managers in many organisations also carry out activities that have traditionally fallen within the remit of HR such as providing coaching and guidance, undertaking performance appraisals and dealing...
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