Hrd Climate Survey

Topics: Management, Employment, Hierarchy Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: October 15, 2011
HRD Climate StudyMHRDMOrganizational DevelopmentPurpose The aim of the study was to measure employees' perception of human resource development (HRD) practices, to explore whether ISO certification leads to any improvements in HRD system, and to examine the role of HRD practices on employees' development climate and quality orientation in the organization. Approach: – A total of 40 employees from a shipping back office from junior level to senior level responded to a questionnaire which measured the following variables on the part of the organization. * A tendency at all levels and specially the top management to treat people as the most important resources. * A perception that developing the competencies in the employee is the job of every manager / supervisor. * Faith in the capability of people to change and acquire new competencies at any stage of life. * A tendency to be open in communications. * A tendency to encourage risk taking * A tendency to help employees recognize their strengths & weaknesses. * A general climate of trust. * A tendency on the part of employee to be generally helpful to each & collaborate * Team Spirit * A tendency to discourage favoritism and biases * Supportive personnel policies. * Development oriented appraisal, training, rewards, job rotation, career planning and potential appraisal..Findings Organizatation differ in the extent to which they have above tendencies. Some orgaizatation may have only a few of theses tendencies and a few others may have most of these. The questionnaire assess OCTAPAC (Openness, Confrontation, Trust, Autonomy, Proaction, Authenticity and Collaboration) culture and implementation of HRD mechanisms * . OPENNESS:Average Score of openness is quite good in organization however openness is prominent in the higher designation in coamparision to junior executive & executive. JR EXECUTIVE| 24| EXECUTIVE| 26|

Openness in...
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