Hrd Audit

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Q1. Components of H.R. developmental audit?
ANS: There are three components:-
1: Organization and admin of H.R
The organization of H.R office
SOP and internal control features
Admin retention rights, notice, matrix and outplacement practices Communication and appointment authorities
2: information management through documentation
Personnel documentation
Hiring, Working and leave information
Compensation benefits and perks
Employee profile
Performance management
Archiving documents
SOP to access the files
Request of information responsibility
Access control and information accuracy techniques
Method to timely and accurately inform top management and employee 3: Computerized Human Resource information System (HRIS)
Type of HRIS used in organization
Formal training for employee to access HRIS is it comprehensive Info captured by system about employee regarding:
Personal data
Recruitment and training
Compensation data and performance appraisal
Benefit plan/health/safety data
Information translation into useable form
Administrators to update/change/and control information. The estimated processing time to generate a standard 10 field employee Roster including age, annual, salary, years of service etc.

Q2. Explain the needs of HR audit?

The HR Audit
“The human resource audit is defined as an investigation into size, skill, structure, and all other issues surrounding those currently employed by the organisation and its future human resource needs.”

Need for HR Audit

Skills inventory: The audit of non-managers.
Management inventories: The audit of managers.

To make the HR function business-driven growth and diversification. Determining change of leadership and promoting professionalism among employees to switch over to professional management To take stock of things and improve HRD for expanding, diversifying and entering into a fast-growth phase...
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