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HR as strategic Partner is gaining momentum as being one of the best way yet in making human resources as the most important asset in an organization. "Being a strategic partner" is understood as a long-term relationship to achieve defined objectives common to all partners. In the context of strategic human resource management, the HR function and activities are intended to ensure the organization's financial success. As partners your HR people and employees in the various areas of the organization's operations must not get in the others' way. Partners do not hinder one another. They support each other to achieve common objectives. This includes business objectives. It is said that the implementation of "HR strategic partnership is not easy." HR people may hinder its implementation.

A strategic plan will ensure that your people will carry out their own specific role in their assigned area of operation in partnership with other employees. This is part of your HR as strategic partner plan.

Why make HR as Organizational Strategic Partner...
Some of the reasons may sound familiar to you.
These include:
* To increase productivity of the labor force and thus, profitability of the organization * Competency and talent management
* Onset of information technology and the vast amount of knowledge used in the course of the activities of organizations * The changing business environment
* Effect of globalization on the business landscape

Provision of Human Resource Services
It is through effective delivery of human resource services that you can make human resource as strategic partner. Use a simple approach, make effective use of technology, and either serve most of your customers or serve a particular sector exceptionally well. All of us are aware that customers include both internal and external customers. Strive to serve both well. In the case of internal customers, concentrate on employees at the strategic and tactical levels. Make sure HR is involved at both levels. If not, there is not much that HR can contribute towards improving organizational performance. But it does not mean we ignore employees at the operational level. Serve well those involved in the day-to-day operations of the organization that are closest to where the money is. These are the employees whose activities generate revenue for your organization. It is necessary that you identify these positions and the employees holding those positions.

Translating Business Strategy Into Action
You make HR as strategic partner when and if HR spendmore time in the organization's planning, design and development. Your organization does this in order to achieve its mission and objectives. HR must become part of the business team, involved in planning at the highest level. Changes in HR management are inevitable. HR Managers and HR professionals are in the strategic position in providing the leadership in change management. Enhance the position of HR as strategic partner by ensuring that teamwork exists in your organization.

The Human Resource Manager is the key person in ensuring that people play a strategic role in the organization.

In activities carried out by the HR department, working in cooperation with each other and every member of the workforce is essential. This can help your organization to succeed in achieving its plans.

Making HR as Strategic Partner
* Make effective use of your Human Resource Information System (HRIS) to handle daily administrative HR tasks. Employees can make use of the self-service facility online. This saves time and reduces costs. * Fully involve your human resource in HR system development that is supportive of business strategy development and implementation. This promotes ownership. * Appoint an HR Head who understands well the strategic partnership relationship between organizational strategy and human resource.

It is said that someone who is an expert in every aspect of the HR...
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