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Financial Aid Administrative Specialist II
Patricia Trantham
Ashford University
OMM618 Human Resource Management
Dr. Percy Williams
November 9, 2009

Financial Aid Administrative Specialist II
This research paper is a job analysis for the open position within National Park Community College’s financial aid department. A new employee can make or break your organization. Some leaders or managers are tempted to hire someone as quickly as possible and not putting a lot of thought into the process. In order to fill a vacant position, leaders must analyze the position, create a description that fits the core job requirements and qualifications, formulate a selection strategy for the interview process, develop a screening process for the pool of applicants, determine pay and benefits as well as conduct performance evaluations that promote employee growth and learning. Job Analysis

In order to formulate a job analysis for this position, the Director focused on four core attributes that were determined to be crucial to this position: 1. Physical and mental attributes-organizational skills, multitasked, ability to handle stress 2. The methods and equipment used to perform the duties-organizational skills, detail oriented, computer skills, and knowledge of office equipment 3. Job goals and relationship to other positions-provide excellent customer service and work well with team members as well as other departmental teams to accomplish student success 4. Requirements and qualifications necessary to accomplish goals- High School Diploma required, Associates degree preferred, computer skills, management training, and leadership abilities are needed (Dessler, 2009)

Job Description
According to Dessler (2009), a job description is a declaration of what the employee does as well as how the employee does it (p. 67). The job description for this position is based on the job’s goal set by the Director, and it includes the responsibilities and duties of the Financial Aid Administrative Specialist II. The employee who fills this position will report directly to the Financial Aid Director.

The major duties include financial aid processes and student advising. The minor duties include others duties as assigned by the director. This position is typical the first point of contact for new and current students. This is a vital position within the student services division. Below is the advertisement that will be released next week in the newspaper, internal email, and added to the website. In order to formulate a job description that would reflect what the organization needed, the committee focused on three core requirements: 1. Personality-friendly, people oriented, innovative, motivated self-starter, 2. Experience-office and management skills are necessary, excellent computer skills required, managing stressful situations 3. Education-high school diploma required; Associate’s degree preferred

After gathering information from other team members from the financial aid department, the following job description was prepared. It will be advertised in the three local newspapers: Montgomery County News, The Glenwood Herald, and the Sentinel Record. The position will also be advertised internally and on the National Park Community College website under the Human Resource page until the position closes December 15, 2009.

National Park Community College is currently seeking a motivated, enthusiastic, self-starter to fill the position of Administrative Specialist II for the Financial Aid Department. This position is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the financial aid department and has frequent contact with students as well as institutional personnel. Knowledge of college processes such as financial aid and admissions is preferred.

Responsibilities include performing all duties associated with financial aid application and processing as well as assisting students, counselors, and the...
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