Hr Reflective Analysis

Topics: Employment, Labour economics, Strategic management Pages: 5 (1746 words) Published: March 14, 2012
Module One the “The need for human resources” really helped me understand that a HR department in a company was more than just dealing with complaints from employees; and more than just enforcing company rules. By learning about the role of HRM in an organization it really enlightened me on how HR staff is involved in growing the organization and making the organization stronger from the inside out. It was very informative to learn in module one that HRM has responsibilities such as serving as a strategic change agent and helps with monitoring legal compliance. It was very interesting to learn as well the role HRM plays in strategizing, forecasting, conducting swot analysis, and even helping the bottom line. As an accountant I never thought that HRM would actually be useful in helping the HRM in a company, but after this course it has really opened my eyes, that HRM can of a valuable resource when doing a company budget. Activity 1-1 the case study really helped sinks the studying of the module in by assessing the issues facing Jeff Bates.I was also good to learn that even though an organization may not have a designated HRM department, it is very important for every manager to be aware of HRM in his or her company. This is for the well being of the company, and it helps manage human resources even if there is not HRM in a company.

Module Two and assignment two was good in that it thought me how HRM in involved in the following: •Advising on appropriate organizational structure, given the company’s strategic goals. •Advising on the number, levels, and types of jobs required for the organization to meet its objectives in the most cost-effective way. •Designing jobs in terms of duties and responsibility, reporting lines, and supervisory roles. •Advising on the most effective way of acquiring, developing, and guiding the people required by providing norms and standards. (from the online module)

This module really showed me how an organizations HR department really analysis a position in terms of the purpose of a position, performance standards, motivating factors and development factors. As an accountant I work a lot on financial forecasting. Every time I for caste payroll cost, it never occurred to me that HRM helps in forecasting the supply of labour a company needs. It was interesting to learn how HRM has a skills inventory for internal hiring and the strategies used to look for external labour. Bu doing Activity 2-1 it really got me thinking about the job enrichment in my position. Also the assignment for module 2 developing a job discritiption really nailed home how a company assesses their labour supply and demand as well as the position before they come up with an external position posting. As well as the Case study for the management trainee at Nova showed me how important proper orientation is to a new employee’s assimilation into a new work place.

Module Three really educated me a lot when it came to the training and development. I am involved in training at my work. It was good to see that HRM uses steps like assessing the trainee’s needs, instructional design, and implementation. I am always concerned with the organizations climates at the work places I work at. It was good to learn about support, communication and participation help in a positive work climate. Activity 3-4 was good to help sink in the material of the module by the “Mentoring Opportunities” discussion. The TPK care helped me learn the issues in the module as did the assessment of my past work place in assignment 3 question 1.

Module Four gave me good understanding on how an organization plans the compensation of a certain position. By learning about the compensation structure and incentives it shed light on my past position on how the compensation was planned for those positions. The employee benefits section of the module was interesting as I always wondered how it affects the company to give the employees...
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