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Hr Receptionist Annual Performance Review

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Hr Receptionist Annual Performance Review

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Annual Performance Review

Employee Name| Cathy Smith|
Title| HR Receptionist|
Date of Review Period| 2010|
Supervisor Name| Rae Davis|
Department| Human Resource|

Exceeds Expectations = 5[employee has exceeded objective, time and quality]| More Than Satisfactory = 4[employee has slightly exceeded either time and/or quality]| Satisfactory = 3[employee has met objective, may be just under objective on time and quality]| Less Than Satisfactory = 2[employee has not met objective on either time or quality]| Needs Improvement = 1[employee far below on both time and quality]|

Task| Objective/Measurement| Results| Comments| Ranking| Typing| 96% accuracy| 90%| Employee is well on her way to meeting this objective. | 3| | Complete within 48 hours of submission| Within 24 hours| Employee completes this objective well before it is due. | 5| Filing| 98% accuracy| 82%| Employee is very close to meeting objective. | 2| | Complete by end of the day | By end of each week| Employee needs to work on completing this objective daily. Must improve.| 1| Answer phones| Answer within 3 rings| Within 2 rings| Employee exceeds at this task. | 4| | Screens calls | Forwards all calls| Employee needs to follow directions and screen calls before forwarding. | 1| | Provide messages upon return or availability of staff| Messages not always given to staff| Employee needs to organize and prioritize. Put a system in place to giving employees all of their messages in a timely manner. | 2| Provide information| Provide prompt and accurate information| Customers often request to speak to someone else| Lacking customer service. | 2| Input applications| 100% accuracy| 70%| Applications are being completed by the deadline, but not accurately. | 3| | Complete by job ad deadline| Completed by deadline| | | Mail job flyers| No returns of flyers| 20% of flyers returned| Part of objective met. Returned...

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