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Developing Yourself as an Effective HR Practitioner

Report – Part 1

The HR Map

The HR Profession Map covers the large scope of how the HR function adds value to a business. The map is made up by combining highly skilled abilities with company goals, resulting in maintaining continued performance. The Map breaks down what each HR role entails across all the specialist areas including the skill set, behaviour and knowledge to succeed, therefore adding career progression.

The HR Map is made up of ten professional areas. The professional area of ‘Strategy, Insights & Solutions’ is about understanding the business operation and the impact any changes would have on it. It is also about understanding what and how the HR function can contribute to delivering the business goals. The professional area of ‘Leading & Managing’ is mainly about understanding business requirements to create value within a robust, reputable and fully engaged HR team function. Other professional areas included in the map are Organisational Design, Organisational Development; Resourcing and Talent Planning; Learning and Talent Developing, Performance and Reward; Employee Engagement; Employee Relations and Service Delivery and Information. The map also consists of eight behaviours, which fall into three clusters as follows: Insights and Influences, Operational Excellence and Stewardship. Within Insights and Influences we have; 1. Curious – This as about keeping up to date with current affairs, looking at the wider affect on the business, networking to broaden knowledge. 2. Decisive Thinker – This is about being clear and consistent with accurate information and being able to justify decisions made. 3. Skilled Influencer – This is about being able to influence and gain commitment from others with logical suggestions. Within Operational Excellence we have; 1. Driven to Deliver – This is about setting clear targets and achieving them, delivering on time including things like...
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