Hr Practices in Bharti Airtel

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Business Ethics and Human Values[->0]

2.An overview of business Ethics
3.Meaning of Business Ethics
4.Ethics in Religion
4.1 Hindu Ethics
4.3 Buddhist Ethics Guidelines to Good Conduct
4.4 Arthaśāstra- the Ethics of Economics
5. Gandhiji’s Experiences with Ethics
6. The Buzz Word in Business World
7. The Hunger of the Soul
8. Human Values for Indian Managers
9. Environmental Ethics
10. Conclusion
11. References

Ethics mainly deals with ideals which seeks to determine norms, ideals, standard or values. Three important ideals of human life are truth, beauty and goodness, thinking feeling and willing satyam, sivam and sundaram. Ethics is a branch of philosophy dealing with right and wrong in human behavior. Most religions have a moral component, and religious approaches to the problem of ethics. Ramayana[->1] and Mahabharata form the very basis of cultural consciousness that symbolize Hinduism. The Tirukkural is a book of morals or ethics. The Tirukkural contains treasures that lead to peace and harmony at home as well as the country. Kautilya says that artha (Sound Economies) is the most important; dharma & kama are both dependent on it. followed several values like Truth, non-violence, brahmacharya, secularism, sambhavana in his life. Values and ethics have become the buzz word in business world. Ethics in business and Indian ethos has been accepted as a subject of study in big business school across the country. It has got a strong contemporary relevance. Environmental ethics has assumed greater imporatance. It is the part of environmental philosophy which considers the ethical relationship between human beings and the natural environment. In every human activities whether it is pure science, political science or environmental science we need to follow the practices which are best for the welfare of the world. Loka samatha sukhino bhavantu is the ancient mantra for universal welfare.

The word ethics is derived from the Greek word ethos which means custom, usage or habit. The word moral comes from the Latin word “mores” which also means custom or habit. Ethics essentially is a social phenomenon. It deals with the ideals involved in human conduct, the standards of rightness and wrongness, good and evil involved in conduct. That which is approved by the society is ethical or moral i.e. good conducts frowned upon by, looked down upon by the society is bad or immoral. Murder, theft arson etc can be considered as immoral activities. Charity, benevolence etc. are moral actions. Ethics mainly deals with ideals which seeks to determine norms, ideals, standard or values. Three important ideals of human life is truth, beauty and goodness, thinking feeling and willing satyam, sivam and sundaram.

Morals and values were considered most important in ancient India. This country of rich culture believed to be created by God (devanirmitam desham) has full of values and virtues. Even the battles in India was based on values (Dharma Yudh). The war at Kurukshetra was the one fought at Dharmakshetram (Battle ground of values). Ancient human society followed certain basic values in their life. Rishis of the yore starting from Viswamitra to Vivekananda and/or Sankaracharya to Sivananada taught their disciples morals through their writings. Ramayana, Mahabharat, Sukraniti, Viduravakyam, Nitisatakam, Arthasastra and Tirukkural contain ethics and human values. Modern world deals with several ethics which includes business ethics, medical ethics, professional ethics, educational ethics, environmental ethics, bio ethics, ecotourism ethics, cyber ethics etc. 2. AN OVERVIEW OF BUSINESS ETHICS

Customers want products and services for which they are ready to pay the price. Businesses create...
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