Hr Practice in Ready Made Garments Industry

Topics: Human resource management, Recruitment, Performance appraisal Pages: 21 (4792 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Term Paper: HR Practice In Ready Made Garments Industry

(Panorama Apparels Ltd. & Millennium Garments Ltd.)


Executive Summary 5
Introduction 6
Scope & Limitation 8
Formal Report (Company A) 9
About The Company9

Size & Activities of HR Department 9

Their Overall HR Practice11

Recruitment 11

Selection 14

Training & Development 15

Compensation Policies & Practices17

Performance Appraisal21

Formal Report (Company B)22
About The Company22

Their Overall HR Practice22

Size & Activities of HR Department 23

Recruitment 24

Selection 24

Training & Development 24

Compensation Policies & Practices25

Performance Appraisal26

Recommendation 29
Conclusion 29
Appendix 30

Executive Summary:

In this term paper we tried to focus of the HR practice of RMG sector in Bangladesh. We conducted survey in two garments (Panorama Apparels Ltd. & Millennium Garments Ltd.)& we tried to find out their overall practice. In this study report, we have tried to include all the factors we thought essential for previously mentioned title. We have analyzed the factors based on managerial theories & managerial key functions with the proposed options. we also tried to find out there is any problem with our little HR knowledge we learned from this course.

Introduction to the Report:

This report is prepared as a requirement of the course “Human Resource Management We selected MILLENNIUM GARMENTS LTD & PANORAMA APPARELS LTD. working on these organizations we came to know various Kind of HRM practice which are use here. In this report we have followed the guidelines provided by the teacher. Here we have tasked not only the HRM practice but also the marketing, management, finance and operational area of the Company. The broad objective of this report is to provide an overview of HRM practice in Garments Sector of Bangladesh. The specific objectives of this report are:

• To provide Company overview
• To provide market overview and analysis
• To reveal operational, management and HRM planning.
• Discuss all HRM practice


We conducted a sample survey with a questionnaire (see appendix) .We provided our copies of questionnaire among the random samples employees & workers & collected after they had filled it up with their comments.

To prepare this report we have collected data from different published materials. Then we have conducted a secondary study. After that we have prepared a questionnaire and took interview one of the executive serving in this Company. We also collect data from internet. This way we collected primary data. Thus we have used both primary and secondary report to prepare this report.   With our survey & interview results we found some key points that are discussed in the next section.

Scope & limitation:

Actually we have collected information by primary and secondary data. During collecting information we have faced some problems. When we went at garments, we had to wait many times for collecting information. And we search internet, internet speed is very low. Another point is that lab computer does not work properly. We have analyzed the factors based on managerial theories & managerial key functions with the proposed options & the events though few things might be omitted due to our limited knowledge & access of information. We are always prepared to provide any kind of information or documents to you on your demand.

Formal Report


a) About the company

Millennium Garments Limited was established with a vision to build a premium garments house to rival the finest in South East Asia. The Company was established in September of 1998 by purchasing and taking over an existing garments company which had been running since 1992.Millennium Garments Limited...
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