Hr Practice and Corporate Governance in Nigeria: Case Study of Mtn Nigeria

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  • Published: August 12, 2011
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We might perhaps begin with an acknowledgement of the fact that capitalism is on the ropes all over the world. The observation by the one time British Prime Minister Ted Heath on the “ugly and unacceptable face of capitalism” , following the indiscretions of Tiny Rowlands in relation to the management of Lonrho in the 1970s may appear today somewhat feeble and tepid in the light of the trauma that capitalism has been enduring in the recent pass. The Global crisis of capitalism which has since come to be described as the “the global meltdown”, has necessitated the re-invention or re-configuration of the capitalist system if it not to expire. Whether it is called a stimulus, bailout, or recovery package, the truth of the matter is that throwing money at the current crisis without interrogating and identifying its underlining causes can only guarantee temporary relief (Oyebode 2009).

The whole world is thrown into a state of confusion and gloom because of board schecism and corporate abracatadabra. The bottom line of the problem is that we have failed to embrace corporate governance. The issue of recruitment has also been lopsided.

Without much ado, with all the recent happenings in our corporate world and the national economy we are left with no other choice than the weapon of corporate governance and recruitment that will see merit above mediocrity.


The issue of corporate governance and Human Resource Management has gained prominence in the world of work over the time because of its importance and its effect in the neglect (Oyebode 2009). We do not need go far before we see the menace of the neglect of this two great weapon. Bad Human Resources Management has killed a lot of company. Lack of good corporate governance has made a lot of organization to buckle under. They have failed to rise up where others have risen....
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