Hr Policy

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HR Policy
1. Medical/ insurance
2. Leave policies
3. Car/ staff bus
4. Flat
5. IT uses policies (hardware and software)
6. Bonus and incentives
7. Salary
8. Gratuity
9. Provident fund
10. Mobile
11. Recruitments
12. Employment policies
13. Traveling (local/overseas)
14. Overtime
15. Lunch/dinner
16. Orientation
17. Policy regarding IT
18. Inter office communication
Employment policy:
1. Principles of employment
2. Non-Discrimination
3. Nepotism
4. Employment status (classification of employees: Regular/ contractual/ casual status{daily basis} ) 5. Appointment authority
6. Re-employment of former staff
7. Recruitment and hiring process
8. Job description + person specification
9. Internal recruitment
10. Outside recruitment
11. Test and interview process
12. Salary and benefits
13. Probation periods
14. Candidate evaluation
15. Probationary performance
16. Evaluation form
17. T & D assessment and record
18. Exit interview
19. Expatriate employment policy

Name of the units:
1. Expolanka Group (Corporate)
2. Expolanka Bangladesh Ltd.
3. SG Logistics (Pvt.) Ltd.
4. Freight Care Aviation Services Ltd.
5. Expo Express Services Ltd (Aramex)
6. Airline Services Ltd. (Virgin Atlantic)
7. Global Aviation Services Ltd. ( Cathay Pacific and Dragon Air) 8. Orchid Air Ltd.
9. Wings Express Ltd.
10. Wings Classics Tours and Travels
11. SDV Bangladesh Private Ltd.
12. Air & Sea International Logistics Ltd.

Bonus (Festival/ Incentive)
Distribution policy

Bonus distributions amongst the employees working under different units.

The objective for providing this bonus is to assist all employees to celebrate their festivals with their family members for meeting extra expenses of their individual festival occasions and meet the extra financial obligations if any.

Festival Bonus:

1. All the confirmed and permanent employee under different units of expolanka group, whose job is under permanent nature will be entitled to get 2 festival bonuses in a year. 2. Probationary employees (Whose Job is not confirmed) get festival bonus. 3. The employee whose job is eligible to confirm but due to process/ system gap, the job was not confirmed on time, get full bonus. 4. The employee whose probation period is extended for a further period of any specific time/ duration due to unacceptable performance, s/he will be entitled bonus according to the recommended schedule. 5. The employees who are in the employment of the company as daily or casual basis would not be entitled festival bonuses. 6. But if any employee continued his/her job as daily or causal basis for a period of more than 1 year, the concern employee will be entitled 2 festival bonuses where each festival bonus will be equal to 50% of their gross salary. Contractual employees also. 7. For all cases, the basic salary will be fixed according to the pay structure i.e-

Basic salary= ( Gross salary-house rent, fixed DA, fixed medical, foxed conveyance and house rent.) 8. Recommended schedule for festival bonus payment:

Service length| Distribution|
Less then 3 months (on probation)| 50% of declared bonus| More then 3 months ( on probation)| 75% of declared bonus| Confirmed or eligible to confirm on due time| 100% of declared bonus|

Schedule of festival occasions:

Religion| 1st Bonus Occasions| 2nd Bonus Occasions|
Muslims| Eid ul Fitr| Eid ul Azha|
Hindu| Durga Puja| Eid ul Azha|
Buddhist| Buddha Purnima| Eid ul Azha|
Christian| Christmas Day| Eid ul Azha|

Incentive Bonus:

The company may provide incentive bonus amongst its employees depends on the company’s profitability. The eligibility of the incentive benefits will be determined by the management based on the performance of...
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