Hr Planning

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  • Published: July 15, 2010
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HR planning
HR planning is basically developing strategies in order to match the size and skills of the employees to meet the company’s needs. The HR planning processes assists companies to recruit, keep and optimize the employment of the personnel needed to match the organization’s objectives and to meet the changes in the external environment. This process include carrying out a skills analysis of existing staff, also carrying out a forecast of the manpower, and finally taking actions to make sure that the supply meets the demand. And also we may incorporate the development and the training and retaining strategies that companies have to use.

In this case we will take McDonalds’ and the ASDA.
McDonalds’ and the ASDA are two of the largest and famous companies in the UK and the world, this is why daily planning is very important especially human resource planning. Concerning those two organizations (McDonalds’ and ASDA) the HR planning will give the start for a personal management action program expected at merging differences between the supply and demand, by which it offers a structure in which actions can be undertaken to overcoming staffing difficulties facing both organizations. The human resource planning is a continual procedure by which it looks to guarantee flexible resourcing related to interior and exterior environmental influences. An effective Human Resource planning can help those two companies anticipating possible expected difficulties. Forward planning will enable the two companies developing and implementing successful approaches in relation with: * Recruitment

* Selection
* Induction
* Training
* Retraining
* Career progression
* Development

A good plan will help
* Evaluate future recruitments needed as McDonalds’ is increasingly expanding (franchise) and actually have more...
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