Hr Mentoring Process

Topics: Coaching, Youth mentoring, Mentorship Pages: 24 (6747 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Human Resource Management
Tutor: David Greenshields

By: Victor Berencreutz, Filippo Toti, Stanislas Emsens
Word Count: 4409

Terms of Reference3
Executive Summary3
Mentoring -4
Comparative analysis6
Findings – Our Program7
Mentee Evaluation9
Ahmed Al Sabbagh9
Zenya Kwan9
Appendix 1 – E-mail exchanges13
Appendix 2 – Difference in Mentoring and Coaching15
Appendix 3 – 50 Questions16
Appendix 4 - Ahmed CV & Cover Letter17
Appendix 5 - Zenya CV & Cover Letter19
Appendix 6 - Mentor Contract23
Appendix 7 - Job description and specification for a mentor at EBSL24

Terms of Reference

This report was conducted by Victor Berencreutz, Filippo Totti and Stanislas Emsens throughout the spring semester 2013. The report is intended for Ariane Agostini, module leader of Principles of International Human Resource Management at the European Business School London.

Executive Summary

The document comprises a vast methodological analysis of our experience with the mentoring project we were assigned in this module. Numerous methods of secondary research were used in order for us to be able to conduct a literary evaluation of this topic. Individual self-reflections were made about the experience being a mentor for the students assigned to us for this learning experience. The names of these students are Zenya Kwan and Ahmed Al Sabbagh.


Human resource management is progressively becoming a more important aspect of conducting business in the world we live in today. Specifically, there are three main concepts that stand out and they are mentoring, counselling and coaching. These concepts are ultimately designed to improve the performance and productivity of any entity. They focus on employees as individuals to improve their performance, mental health and efficiency as this world is becoming more hectic and competitive.

The importance of these concepts and the theory that lies behind them are discussed in this report. This project also required our team to apply the concept mentoring in practice with students that were assigned to us in order to gain the experience of being a mentor first handedly. The report will also discuss what we learned was requires by us as mentees for practical experience and what problems we faced.

Mentoring -

The way mentoring is depicted in terms of it’s purpose is not always clear to everyone. However, it does have a direct purpose of developing an individual for the better in terms of one’s productivity, performance and mental health over time (Brockbank and McGill, 2008). This is carried out through creating a mutual relationship between a more experienced person interacting with an individual that is less experienced and not as skilled in the relevant field. The aim is to reach a long-term goal or objective through the mentee (less experienced individual) developing and improving specific abilities they have learned with the help of their mentor (Apegga. 2003). These are skills that could be self taught through trial and error but having an experienced leader as mentor one high gain great benefits for developing quicker and of higher quality (Apegga. 2003). In accordance to (Holliday, 2001:142), which mention the “10-60-90” principle, a three phase analysis that is used for explaining the benefits of mentoring. This principle explains that only 10% of adults that are told how to carry out a task remember it, 60% remember when being shown and 90% remember when a task carried out together. A general definition of mentoring is, “Coaching and mentoring programmes are one of the valuable development tools. Through these programmes, a relationship is established between an experienced leader and a less experienced individual on the...
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