Hr Manpower Issues

Topics: Stations of the Cross, Employment, Management Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Paul F. Gomez
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Jan. 17, 2013


Cyanean Ventures Corporation is a start up company that operates and manages various food chains and fuel products. At present, we are about to take over Petron Express Center 1 located at North Luzon Express Way Marilao Bulacan, which as of the moment being operated by Petron Corporation. I represent our company, Cyanean, as their Operations Manager and will be handling this project. The employment status of the manpower, currently working at the station, is all under contractual basis (coming from different job agencies). 25 Pump Attendants from Jobsite Agency, 23 Pump Attendants from DCMS Agency, 14 Cashiers also coming from Jobsite Agency, 7 Shift Supervisors coming from Petron Marketing Corp and 2 Accountants also coming from Petron Marketing Corp.


Upon the take-over, which of these positions do we consider absorbing as a regular employee of Cyanean to maintain the integrity of the whole Operation of the station and adhere to the core values set by Cyanean Ventures Corporation.


With the current set-up, it is difficult to monitor the day to day operations with regards to the security and maintaining the integrity of the station in terms of sales of goods and services. Bluntly put, there are many cases of theft (Cashier / Pump Attendants), payroll padding (Pump Attendants) and unauthorized use of company assets that are reported to us. A mega station like PEC-1 and the revenue it’s generating, cases like this are somehow being downplayed and not given the “extra” attention needed to address the problem. As the new dealer of the said station, on the other hand, this are issues that needs to be dealt with and Operations must be improved immediately to avoid revenue loss and mismanagement.


Our decision, is to absorb the 7 Shift Supervisors and 2 Accountants as probationary employees (eventually becomes regular employees) of Cyanean and provide them with the...
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