Hr Managment Future Trends

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  • Published : May 13, 2012
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Business Environments and Future challenges
The roles of Human Resource management is evolving with change in a competitive market environment and needs to play a more strategic role to help the organization to succeed. With the increase in competition, both locally and globally the organization must become more adaptable to change and more customers focused to succeed. Along with change the HR management team needs to become more of a strategic partner to face the challenges of global growth and expanding the organization on a global market or become taken over by competitive businesses. Brining in new technology to help unify the business with a set of guiding principles. New technology will support, enable and will help in many areas of communication. Understanding intellectual capital and the value the employees bring to the table through their skills, tribal knowledge and expertise. Losing the intellectual capital can cause a lack of creativity and innovation. Continuous improvement is where the customer focus comes from by providing the customer exactly what they want. All companies are faced with continuous improvement if they want to progress the effort to improve the products or services. Competition let’s face it no matter how much money the company has or how savvy the market is without the human capitol a business isn’t a business. Organizations need to learn how to attract and retain the employees.

Due to the challenges that a human resource management team has to face, the look into new organizational trends that need to happen in order to continue the growth of the company. Organization trends are future issues that the company might face such as diversity, mentoring, and strategic planning. Many companies are now realizing the advantages of a diverse workplace. As more and more companies are going global in their market expansion either physically or virally there is a necessity to employ...
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