Hr Management in Office Space

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Human Resource Management in Office Space

There are many challenges that a firm’s Human Resources department must deal with effectively over the lifetime of a company. Office Space, as an example, directed by Mike Judge, presents many of the challenges of everyday life that a Human Resource (HR) department must cope with. The HR department must create a feeling of job satisfaction for employees or possibly face dire consequences like in the film, Office Space. The movie is a great example of what happens in businesses where employees feel like prisoners and when bosses feel like they must act like guards. A company’s Human Resource department is vital and has an important position in an organization’s wellbeing.

Office Space is a great example of irrational management and bizarre human behavior. The staring character is Peter Gibbon. He is a computer programmer who is trying to find meaning to his life. He is completely dissatisfied with his job and wishes a greater meaning to his life. He almost always arrives late to work and is very annoyed by his co-workers. He has two friends in the office: Zamir and Michael. Zamir an Islamic immigrant takes great pride in his work and is very proud to about the opportunities that the United States has given him. Michael is extremely skeptical, cynical, and lacking pride in his work and in himself. Everyone in the office struggles to find job satisfaction in their air-conditioned cubicles (Judge).

Eventually, Peter sees a hypnotherapist and his personality radically transforms. He completely stops showing up for work on Saturdays and Sundays. He is so bluntly honest about how he feels, around the office, that his co-workers take the situation and what he says as sarcasm. Thus, his situation is exceptionally humorous to everyone in the office. However, the reality is they are all trapped in the same dreadful, dead end job going nowhere in their professional careers (Judge). Peter’s new attitude gives him a new popularity in the office, saving his job because he creates a relationship with some consultants who were brought to the office to evaluate worker performance. However, both Zamir and Michael lose their jobs. Peter convinces them to develop a plan that will destroy the company and make them rich. Michael had once created a virus that would steal fractions of money over a period of time (Judge). Consequently, the plan comes to an end because of the possibility of facing prison time. In addition to, Peter loses his girlfriend. The three of them decided to admit the scheme and pay back the money. They decided to face the consequences of their actions instead of running and becoming fugitives. Fortunately, another disgruntled coworker finds the money and burns the office building down and runs away to hopefully a better place (Judge). Today, most HR departments follow a system that helps a company to work more efficiently and effectively. Unlike in Office Space, Human Resources allow companies to communicate with their employees between different levels of corporate hierarchy. Though, it is easier for smaller firms to communicate with their employees because there are less people to communicate with. In larger companies, the Human Resources department is responsible for dealing with all of the payroll, hiring, employee evaluation, and insurance benefits (Ivancevich). Human Resource is now playing such an important role in communication that it is hard to believe large companies used to deal with all these tasks without this department. Arguably, the most important role of HR is the effective communication that the department has among employees and upper management. Instead, of employees having to communicate with upper management, Human Resources will sort out many of the questions and concerns to present to the upper managers and C.E.O.s. This creates less dysfunction within a firm, helping to create a more harmonious place to work. Ultimately, allowing managers to...
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