HR Management

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HR Management

Chapter 3

Application case: Siemens builds a strategy-oriented HR system

Question number 1

a) Examples of four strategically required organizational outcomes are:

• Producing high tech products and services.

• Geographic expansion: Expanding the new products and services in different countries.

• Customer satisfaction (superior customer service).

• Productivity and quality management (offer consistently high quality services).

b) Examples of four required competencies and behaviors:

• Since Siemens is producing new high tech products, the company needs highly committed and trained employees, moreover, creative and brilliant engineers.

• Dedication helps employees to achieve their strategic goals.

• HR must hire customer-focused applicants or train and motivate employees to be proactive about providing superior customer service. This will result in a mutual respect within the company and with society.

• Diversified workforce.

Question number 2

Examples of four strategically relevant HR system policies and activities:

• Siemens has to Provide continuing education and management development. It must develop their employee’s knowledge and skills.

• Enriching work involved providing employees with more challenge and responsibility through flexible assignments and team based work.

• Siemens has to provide extensive training and development programs to support global teamwork which is the key to developing and using all the potential of the firm’s human resources.

• Siemens has to adjust employees to adapt with different cultures, languages and nationalities. This will result in building openness, transparency, fairness and supporting diversity.

Question number 3

Strategy map for Siemens

Profit growth

Goals to achieve ↗ ↖

Revenue increases High tech Products

What to do to achieve Attract and keep customers

These goals (customer satisfaction)

↗ ↖

Learning corporate Environment mutual respect with society

↖ ↗

Employee behaviors Diversified workforce and dedicated team work

The Hotel Paris Case:

Question number 1: Strategy map

Boost Revenues and Profits

↗ ↖

Strategic goal

Increase Return rate of guests Increase length of stays

↖ ↗

Superior Guest Services

(Satisfied guests)

Inbound guest

Services (Ex:...
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