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a) Do you thing HR planning is carried out in all hospitality organisations? Why do you think this? Support your answer with evidence from literature review and research findings. b) Draft a Job description and person specification for a job of your choice. Where would you advertise this position and why? Design an application form for this position. Identify five questions that you would ask candidates interviewing for this position.


* Introductionpg3
* Part Apg4
* Part B
* Job descriptionpg7
* Person specificationpg8
* Application formpg9
* Where to advertise & Interview questionspg12
* Recommendationspg13
* Conclusionpg13
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This project has two parts, first whether HR planning is carried out in all organisations particularly in the hospitality in industry, and secondly to choose a job and create a job description and person specification for this position.

The aims for the first part of the project are to explain Human Resource Planning, and prove whether or not it is used in the hospitality sector of Ireland, and to justify is answer with examples of actual organisations in Ireland.

For the second part, the job description and person specification will be completed, it will explain where this position will be advertised and why? Also an application form will be completed for the potential candidates with five relevant questions that would be asked when interviewing the candidates.

Part A
HR planning in Organisations

HR planning is being carried out in hospitality organisations especially during this economic downturn as it is more cost effective to train staff and keep them for many years and not have a high labour turnover, than to continually retrain new staff which can be very costly. Although this is the case in many organisations it is not carried out everywhere because companies don’t believe it is worth their time or money to create an action plan through HR planning. To justify this answer, hotels from one region of Ireland, County Galway, will be used.

HR planning helps keep down high employee turnover, retain trained and experienced staff, especially in labour intensive jobs e.g. in the tourism and hospitality sector and to know when to advertise for new staff. Human Resource planning could be described as ‘ the process of interpreting the environment, predicting its effects on the organisation, evaluating these effects and planning and controlling the appropriate measures in order that the right human resources are available when required’ (Boella, 2000:208). Therefore, HR planning should be carried out in all organisations but this is may not be true due to cost or just simply not enough time to carry out this task.

A reason organisations may not use HR planning is because they are a small business, like a restaurant in the rural part of Ireland, and may think HR forecasting is wasteful. HR forecasting has four stages. 1. Demand Analysis: this involves estimating the quantity and quality of HR needed to meet the objectives of the organisation by understanding thoroughly the organisations strategy, its implications for its staff, any technological changes that may happen in the near future, personnel profiles of the entire workforce and an average approximation of the rate of turnover (leavers). Techniques involved in this stage include managerial estimations, sales projections, statistical techniques and vacancy analysis. 2. Supply Analysis: this is the prediction of worker flow and availability. The two sources of this manpower are Internal Labour Market and External Labour Market. Internal labour market means existing staff. When looking at this category you must consider numbers, skills, performance, flexibility and promotability when researching supply analysis. External labour market means potential staff and in...
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