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Topics: Police, Motivation, Constable Pages: 2 (389 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Case Incident 1
Would you be interested in working as a hong kong police officer ? why or why not?
I would be interested in working as a hong kong police officer because the keenness to boost the morale and motivation through appreciation and encouragement.

To how many examples in this case can you apply motivation theories?
Grant the commissioner of police's certificate of academic merit1
2 internal and external award schemes that emphasize positive reinforcement instead of punishment.
3 Grant the bravery awards.

One may argue that the recipients of the honors and awards are only a fraction of all police officers. Suggest other effective ways to motivate the police officers.
Although pay is not the primary factor driving job satisfaction, it is a motivator.
Establish a pay structure (Internal & External Pay Equity).-
- Establish Variable-pay programs (Merit-Based Pay).
Pays for individual performance based on performance appraisal results. If appraisals are designed correctly, workers performing at a high level will get more pay.

Case Incident 1
Do you think Toyota has succeeded because of its team-oriented culture, or do you think it would have succeeded without it?
Indeed. This is because Toyota structures its work around team. They are not used only in the production process but also at every level and in every function: Sales and marketing, finance, engineering, design and executive level.

Do you think you would be comfortable working in Toyota’s culture? Why or why not?
Yes, Because. Toyota’s culture seems to excel with this strategy of team orienting. Apparently, the CEO has a culture where he is not the mega star behind the scenes, but by his employees working collectively in team efforts are achieving high level of outcomes if all the levels of the organization.

In response to the recession and the firm's...
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