Hr Leave Application

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The Leave Management System is designed to maintain the leave records of employee and allows the user to apply different kind of leave permissible. The user can use the module for applying leave or as approving authority or as Leave Management System administrator for sanctioning the leave. Through Leave Management System it will be also possible to cancel a leave already applied for or to extend the leaves of an employee. All the application, approval, rejection of the leaves will be done by the email reducing the paperwork involved.


* HR Leave Application is needed for automating the submission and approval process of employees. * Admin can create Employee Access List for each employee specifying them who can Apply leave/approve leave.

* HR manager can create a master list of the types of leave. * HR manager should be able to initiate leave request for informed leave. * Employee names should be fetched from Employee database. * Employee of the company can request for leave and add the reason. * The HOD can approve/reject the leave applied.

* The HOD should be able to add reasons for rejection.



1. Processor Type :Intel(R) Core (TM) i3 CPU
2. Processor Speed:2.13 GHz
4. Hard Disk Capacity:232 GB


1. Operating System:Windows 7.
2. Browser:Google Chrome,Internet Explorer
3. Front End:Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
4. Back End:SQL Server Management Studio

2.3Existing System
The existing system was a window based system. Hence, the employees of the company were not able to access the application outside the company premises. The application could be used only by the respected people of the company. The submission, approval, rejecting process of the leave request could be done only internally within the company.

2.4Proposed System

The proposed system is made as a web based application. The proposed system is extended to be used by the employees anywhere within the country. Only the SCM Microsystems employees will be able to access the HR Leave Application System. The submission and approval process can be shared by the employees of the SCM Microsystems anywhere around the country.

This HR Leave Application System uses N-Tier architecture. The system will resemble the following figure.

Fig 3.1 The 3 Tier Architecture
The presentation layer will be followed by business logic layer and finally data access layer. Common objects and the operational shapes within the diagram will not act as separate layers or tiers in the architecture; however, they will interact with the different tiers within the architecture.


The presentation layer of the application is ultimately what all the users will view on the browser. In the presentation layer, the majority of the content will be Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and server controls. Validation will also occur at this level but will mostly be relatively simple tasks such as ensuring the user is entering the required data or ensuring the data entered matches a specific format.

Fig 3.2, Represents a design of the presentation layer


All the data processing in the form of selecting, querying, inserting, updating, or deleting information to and from the database is handled in this layer. The data access layer will process all data by receiving requests that originate from the user within the presentation layer and will then process the data and return either a notification or some type of data or objects to the presentation layer.

Fig 3.3, Represents the Data Access Layer

This tier, In addition to...
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