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1. Describe the major types of HRM activities. Which is the most important? Why?

There are major types of activities in Human Resource Management (HRM) which are human resource planning (HRP), job analysis and job design, recruitment and selection, human resource development (HRD), performance management and appraisal, compensation and benefits, safety, health, and security at workplace, employee and labor relations and lastly, managing employment relationships. The most important activity in HRM, for me is recruitment and selection of employees. All managers need to understand why effective recruitment is important. Without enough candidates, employer cannot effectively screen the candidates and hire the best employees. Some employers use a recruiting yield pyramid to estimate how many applicants they need to generate in order to fill predicted job opening. Recruitment and selection starts with personnel planning and forecasting. A personnel planning is the process of deciding what positions the firm will have to fill and how to fill them. Forecasting the supply of outside candidates is important because particular, when entering periods of economic expansion where unemployment is low and food candidates are more difficult to come by. Careful employee selection is also important for several reasons. Performance always depends on your subordinates and to find the good subordinates it is costly to recruit and hire the employees. All candidates should go through all the administrating test and making decision and based on the result, the managers will know the capabilities of the employees. Always remember, good quality of work comes from the good performance and good employees.

3. Job analysis is described as a basic HRM activity? Why?

Yes, job analysis is described as a basic HRM activity because it is important to all managers knows that when managers do a job analysis, there are a lot of...
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