Hr Functions & Employee Selection

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Introduction :
Many organizations in the world continue to consider human resources a function that covers staffing (hiring and firing) , motivation ( rewarding), training and development, maintenance ( safety and security) , and employee facilities. In the Human Resources process you must understand every aspect of managing and roles of an HR function. One of the important aspects to starting a successful HR function ( as an HR professional ) is understand the impact that effect HR management on the organization. The role of HR function in an organization is to provide a big range of services to different organization that may help and benefit in achieving a common goals. The first topic we choose is Functions of Human Resources Management. There are four main and basic functions of Human Resources Management which are: * Staffing

* Training and Development
* Motivation
* Maintenance

It is a process when having the right people in the right jobs that allows the organization to make maximum use of its HR investment. The right employees mean people who have good qualifications, skills and experience that match with company’s required to facilitate achieving the objectives of the company and to its profitability. When staffing people to any position, the manager’s role should be to find the best people whose skills fit to the requirement of the position. Staffing

Three elements for staffing which are : Strategic human resources plan, recruitment and selection.

Strategic human resources plan

The strategic plan have to ensure that department and work teams are able to work together effectively. Also, having a job analysis which allows you to consider the need for a specific position with skills and knowledge required. Job description with outlines, specifically and the duties of the position.


Each company develop its own unique methods and ways of recruiting staff based on its staffing needs and requires focus on skills and knowledge. For example in some companies the hiring manager review the job description to ensure it is suitable and fit for the position and requirement. Sometimes it may be necessary to get employee from outside the organization who have good talent, brain power, strong skills and high qualifications.

External and Internal sources of the organization:
Internal| External|
Job posting| Advertising|
Internet| Job placement agencies|
Succession plans| Job fairs|
Referrals ( transfer )| College Placement Offices|

Employee selection is a systemic process of selecting and choosing the right and most suitable person who has been recruited or attracted to a particular job in an organization.

Training and development
Is the process to get employees skills and knowledge that help them to perform well, perfect and in an effective ways in their jobs and it means also improve the current or future performance of employees through learning and it’s by changing their attitudes or increasing their skills and knowledge. The aim of training is to help the organization achieve its goals or purposes by adding values to employees or people that will be employed. Training invests people to allow them to work and perform better to make the best use of their attitude in the organization.

There are some objectives of training which are develop the performance of employees and reduce the learning time of employees that they start their new jobs, so they can become more competent and effective in their jobs and that help the organization so much. Any training program has an input that enables employees or participants to gain skills and learn some theoretical concepts. There is a process for training which contains training need analysis, training objectives, training delivery and training evaluation. * First step (need analysis) means what are training needs...
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