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Organization Redesign
A Nine-Step Plan to Optimize Employee
Selected Imperatives and Solutions forAlpha Company1
1 January 2012



The mission of the Corporate Executive Board is to create revolutionary economic advantage for leaders of the world’s great enterprises by enabling them to act with unparalleled intelligence and confidence. We lift their performance at key decision points and career moments by delivering insight drawn from the most powerful global executive and professional network. When we bring leaders together, it is crucial that our discussions neither restrict competition nor improperly share inside information. All other conversations are welcomed and encouraged. We look forward to the continued and robust sharing of insights by member executives and professionals at Corporate Executive Board events. COPIES AND COPYRIGHT

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ORGANIZATION REDESIGN WORKBOOK—A NINE-STEP PLAN TO OPTIMIZE EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE • 4 BUILD THE CASE—LEARN WHY YOU NEED TO ADDRESS EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE • 5 Step One: Understand Today’s Organization Redesign Reality • 6 Step Two: Recognize Key Challenges in Maintaining Employee Performance • 8 Step Three: Learn Assessment and Monitoring Matter Most • 10 ASSESS—FOCUS ON ONE WORKFLOW • 12

Step Four: Articulate the Business Unit’s Primary Value as One Workflow • 13 Step Five: Map Core Work Activities to the Identified Workflow of the Business Unit • 14 Step Six: Analyze Workflow Mapping Results as a Group to Impartially Identify and Reduce Inefficiencies • 15 DESIGN—ALIGN DESIGN CRITERIA WITH BUSINESS DRIVERS • 16 Step Seven: Evaluate Structure and Processes Regularly • 17 Step Eight: Forecast Organizational Design Needs Based on Misalignments Identified • 18 Step Nine: Build Organizational Design Options to Analyze the Long-Term Benefits and Risks of Each Solution • 19 APPENDIX: MONITOR—MOVE BEYOND FINANCIAL AND CALENDAR BASED MEASURES TO MONITOR SUCCESS • 20 Step A: Establish a Process to Check When a Strategy May Be Losing Relevance • 24 Step B: Establish Review Triggers in Areas That Can Impact the Validity or Relevance of the Organization Design • 25 Step C: Select Triggers and Thresholds • 26

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