Hr Disertation

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Human Resource Management Students

Dissertation Topic

Students are advised to choose topics that are linked to the degree program.Moreso students should choose topics that bring new knowledge and avoid topics that have been over researched. However student should choose areas they find interesting to make the research enjoyable .

Role of the supervisor

A supervisor will be allocated to the student by the dissertation committee based on the topic selected. The supervisor is there to assist the student, giving advice in areas where one needs clarification. The dissertation supervisor does not write the dessertion but assist you therefore the whole lot lies with the student. You determine the success of your dissertation.

The research proposal

The student will have to complete the short initial proposal which is a mere skeleton of the actual proposal. The purpose of this initial proposal is to look at suitability of the topic and the research objectives. This proposal is completed on a short form. The dissertation committee will respond on the suitability of the research topic. (see appendix 1 for the initial proposal form)

After the initial proposal the student is then required to write the comprehensive proposal. Students must present a proposal which convinces the supervisor of the following:

• you know what you want to do

• you know how you intend to research it, and that the proposed research methods are appropriate

• the research is suitable in terms of depth and type of dissertation

• the research is feasible

If the supervisor is not convinced she/he will provide feedback and ask the student to revise and resubmit the proposal. If the supervisor is not convinced after 3 submission the student will be advises or encouraged to defer registration of the dissertation. The proposal involves a lot of work, however a good proposal will make the actual dissertation work very much easier.



The title should be short and have an HR component. For undergraduates the topic should be a case study of chosen company. E.g The role of Human Resource Information System In Strategic HRM. A Case Study of Chibuku Breweries

At Masters level the student should look at a sector. This allows the student to have a wider appreciation of the topic understudy.

Background of the study

This is more of literature review. On this section the students looks at what other sources or scholars say pertaining to that particular topic under research. It is not background of the company but background of the study. It shows how the students has researched and understood the topic.

Problem Statement

It highlights the problem identified by the student that has led him/her to research on that particular topic. The problems should show that there is real need for some research in that particular company or sector. Avoid generalisation of problems, be specific to that company or sector. Avoid recommending and no citing of text. The problem statement should be brief.


These are the main aims of the research. These show what you want to achieve. In writing the objectives, the student should use terms like :

1. To examine ------

2. To identify------

3. To ascertain------

Objectives should be numbered .Remember objectives should be SMART. For all undergraduates the student should have 4-5 objectives. For masters 5-8 objectives will be required


This shows the benefit of the study. How will the research benefit the organisation and the nation as a whole. What gap is the research trying to fill, what new knowledge will the research bring. The justification shows the worthiness of the research. The justification...
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