Hr Department of Ptcl

Topics: Human resource management, Management, Recruitment Pages: 15 (3965 words) Published: December 26, 2012
Table of Contents|
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1. | Executive Summary| 2|
2. | Introduction | 3|
3. | Human Resource Department of PTCL| 4|
4. | The objectives of the HR department at PTCL| 6| 5. | Human Resource Initiatives | 7|
6. | Format of Job Description| 8|
7. | HR Planning & Working| 9|
8. | Recruitment Policy| 10|
9. | Recruitment and Selection Process in PTCL | 11| 10. | Training and Development| 16|
11. | Performance Appraisal| 19|
12. | Conclusion| 20|
13. | Recommendations | 21|
14. | References| 22|
List of Figures|
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1.| Hierarchy of HR department| 5|
2.| The Recruitment and Selection Process| 15|
3.| Methods for scholarship Application| 18|

Executive Summary:

The main purpose of this report is the study of human resource activities by the organization. I will focus on the Job analysis, recruitment, selection, training and development, and finally on the performance appraisals. I will try to Find out their weaknesses and give suggestions for improvements. My report contains all the information the PTCL. I learnt how they deal with different situations and how the organization’s working environment which affects an employee performance and attitude towards work. Confidence, on time decision making, consistency, hard work, team work, seeking success out of dark, innovation, creativity, organizational survival and customer handing techniques are the key learning which I wanted to achieve through this report. I would like to say that it will be one of my best skills that would remain with me and help me in the coming life. I would like to highlight that this report would truly help me achieve my future goals. PTCL is the only company which provides landline telephone services to Pakistan. After its privatization it is performing better than before at the time it was under the government. It has launched other services too which benefited the consumers of Pakistan. If it continues to function in the same way it will gain more customers and prove the best service provider in Pakistan. It will be only possible if it manages it’s all the resources efficiently and effectively, specially the human resource which take care of the overall organization’s activities.

This report is written keeping in view the human resource department of Pakistan Telecommunication Company (PTCL). It focuses on the human resource activities carried out within the organization. It is also aimed at how organization face the intense market competition and provide employment to the people in a transparent way and how it trains its employees to perform effectively for the organization. As from the (PTCL 2012) Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the largest telecommunication company in Pakistan. This company provides telephony services to the nation and still holds the status of backbone for country's telecommunication infrastructure despite arrival of other telecom giants like Telenor, Warid, Mobilink and China Mobile. The company consists of around 2000 telephone exchanges across country providing largest fixed line network. GSM, CDMA and Internet are other resources of PTCL, making it a gigantic organization. The Government of Pakistan sold 26% shares and control of the company to Etisalat in 2006. The Government of Pakistan retained 62% of the shares while the remaining 12% are held by the general public.

HR Department in PTCL:
The functional responsibility (Yunus, 2011) of this department includes core human recourse like Recruitment & Manpower Planning, Training and Development, Performance Management, Succession Planning, Organizational Restructuring, Developing the HR Policies, building competitive market pay structure, Procurement etc. This department...
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