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Topics: Discrimination, Employment, Affirmative action Pages: 4 (797 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Basic HR Audit Checklist
Management Are HR goals in line with those of the organization? Are workweeks identified and defined?  Are full-time and part-time hours defined?  Are shifts defined?  Is there open communication to and from the HR department?  

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Do job descriptions exist for all jobs? Are job descriptions up to date? Are I-9 forms and acceptable documentation reviewed annually? Are I-9s and medical information kept separately from personnel files? Are job openings offered to current employees? Are applicant references checked? Are selection processes used with reference to the Uniform Guidelines? Are all applicants required to fill out and sign an application form? Are applicant identities checked? Are applicants asked to voluntarily identify their affirmative action information? If the organization has a qualifying federal contract, is there an affirmative action plan? Do employment applications refrain from requesting protected information? Are independent contractors accurately identified? Are all new hires reported to the IRS timely? Do new employees fill out W-4 forms? Are W-4 forms sent to the IRS?

New employees
         

Are workplace policies in place that focus on your workplace? Are policies communicated? Is this communication documented? Are policies enforced? Is there an employee handbook? Is the employee handbook specific to your workplace? Do employee orientations take place? Is there an orientation plan? Are employees trained on policies and work rules? Are employees trained on discrimination and harassment issues?

Wages and hours
 

Are compensation levels monitored and reviewed? Are employees correctly designated as exempt or nonexempt per FLSA? Compliance +, LLC 678-570-5422

Basic HR Audit Checklist
Is there a formal pay structure that is reviewed regularly? Is working time documented? Are paid time off (vacation, holidays, etc)...
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