Hr Case Study

Topics: Social responsibility, Employment, Corporate social responsibility Pages: 4 (1250 words) Published: February 28, 2012
Human Resources and the Success of Organizations

Google, Scripps Network, and UPS are 3 different organizations that have merged HR with their organization’s culture and have had huge success.

At Google the employees are the main focus and reason for Google unique organizational culture. The Google complex is geared to motivate their employees with the belief that each Googler is an equally important part of their success. Meetings held weekly at Google to share ideas, “encourage employees to directly pose questions at senior management,” with the idea that everyone is equally important in mind. Every employee is a hands on contributor, and everyone wear several hats. Google also favours ability over experience. Google also has offices around the world. Google staffers speak dozens of languages, and as a result Google “is a team that reflects the global audience Google serves”.

Google has managed to evolve into a modern company that reflects the modern society we live in today. At the Google complex you find bicycles, scooters, lava lamps, dogs, video games and pool tables. You will also find very few solo offices and laptops everywhere. These items mentioned are rarely found in the workplace and appeal to the emerging adults that are coming straight out of college. As a modern company Google also has a commitment to wellness that is “seldom seen in employers.” Page 490 of our Human Resources Text, “address the increasing problem of obese employees, and employers are taking number of actions.” Level 3 Health Emphasis, focuses on the benefits integrated with programs, dedicated resources and facilities, continuous health promotion and a health education curriculum. As a modern company Google has integrated Level 3 Health Emphasis through multiple volleyball courts, a swimming pool, yoga, and dance classes found at the work place available 24/7 for employees. This important step to go the extra mile, and provide these activities for employees may seem...
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