Hr Blueprint in Malaysia

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Hr Blueprint in Malaysia

By | September 2008
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HR blueprint for Malaysia is explained in Chapter 11 of Ninth Malaysia Plan 2006 – 2010 book. During 8th Plan, the economy maintained full employment and recorded growth in labor productivity. Under 9th Malaysia Plan, quality of nation’s human capital is emphasized. In year 2010, manufacturing remains the highest growing employment sector. Agriculture, forestry, livestock & fishing sectors will have the negative annual growth rate under 9MP.

Under 9MP, the human capital policy development thrusts are:

1.undertaking comprehensive improvement of the education and training delivery systems; 2.strengthening national schools to become the school of choice for all Malaysians to enhance national unity; 3.implementing measures to bridge the performance gap between rural and urban schools; 4.creating universities of international standing and ensuring that tertiary institutions meet the needs of employers; 5.providing more opportunities and access to quality education, training and lifelong learning at all levels; 6.nurturing an innovative society with strong S&T capabilities and the ability to acquire and apply knowledge; 7.strengthening national unity and developing a society with a progressive outlook, exemplary value system and high performance culture as well as with an appreciation for tradition and heritage; and 8.enhancing the forum of engagement and consultation between the Government, private sector, parents and community in human capital development.


Under 9MP, even though quality of human capital is emphasized, benefit and compensation for education sector agents, who created the quality workers, are not explained. According to Dato’ Abdul Rahman Idris under a panel discussion called “Challenges for Educational Sector”, the source of education funds comes almost entirely from the Federal government, and is very limited. Public donations to schools are very small and limited. Issues to be considered...

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