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Topics: Employment, Human rights, Law Pages: 6 (1665 words) Published: July 6, 2012
You are an HR practitioner in a medium-sized company that will soon be hiring 20 summer interns. You have been directed to provide a 1500-word briefing for all line managers outlining the legal obligations that your company has to these new employees. Write a memo that outlines the most important legal requirement that managers must know about when hiring and managing these employees. You may wish to make specific reference to your jurisdiction’s laws addressing employment standards, occupational health and safety, and human rights. * Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act * Managers must make sure that they comply with this act’s ten principles in regard to maintaining the standards for privacy. According to this act, the human resource department and the company are responsible for safeguarding the privacy of employees. According to this Act, employer can barely keep anything from an employee. Employers are allowed to gather information about employees such as performance, attendance, and possibility of advancement. * Employee Standards Legislation:

* There are minimum standards that employers are required to meet * Human rights employment standards in Ontario:
* Protects people in Ontario from employment discrimination * The protected grounds of discrimination in employment in Ontario are: race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion or religious creed, age (18 and over), sex (including pregnancy and childbearing), sexual orientation, marital status (including same sex partners), family status, physical or mental disability (includes dependence on drugs or alcohol), pardoned conviction, ancestry or place of origin * Should encourage diversity in the workforce, one that is a true representation of the population * Everyone has the right to be free from discrimination and harassment according to the Ontario Human Rights Code. * Minimum wage: it is the lowest wage an employee can be paid by the employer. Generally most employees in Ontario are entitled to at least $10.25/hr (minimum wage)—this excludes students, liquor servers, homeworkers, and hunting and fishing wages * Hours of work: The maximum amount of hours an employee can work in a day is 8 hours and the maximum amount of hours an employee can work in a week is 48 hours (unless otherwise stipulated in a written contract). * Workers must have at least 11 hours off during the day and at least 8 hours between shifts (if the two shifts equal more than 13 hours together). * Employees must have a 30 min lunch break after 5 hours of work. * Employees must receive 24 hours off weekly or 48 hours off bi-weekly * When people put in extra hours (overtime), they are entitled to overtime pay (1.5 x normal wage per hour) * Holidays:

* Employees in Ontario qualify for 9 public holidays and on these days, employees can take these days off and be paid public holiday pay. If they agree to work on holiday, there are to be paid public holiday pay plus premium pay or they get normal wage for the day and can take another day off and get public holiday pay. The 9 public holidays are new year’s day, family day, good Friday, Victoria day, Canada day, labour day, thanksgiving day, Christmas day, and boxing day. * Vacations:

* Employees are entitled to 2 weeks off per 12 month period of work. Employees should be paid at least 4% of earnings in 12 month period. * Unjust dismissal:
* An employee can take the employer to court and sue the organization for unjust dismissal or the employee can also file a claim for severance or termination pay. * Layoff procedures:

* Is entitled to recall rights, where laid off employees have the right be requested to come back to work by their...
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