Hr and Airlines

Topics: Airline, Southwest Airlines, Federal Aviation Administration Pages: 7 (2705 words) Published: April 26, 2011
The human resource department of any airline is the backbone of the organization. The employees in this department are responsible for multiple tasks. These tasks can range anywhere from hiring and firing employees to developing a training system for all airline pilots to go through. Working in the aviation industry has shown me many ways in which having a human resource department is vital to an organization’s success. The human resource department knows everything there is to know about how to find the right employees for the job and how to train them to be the best in their industry. It is well-known that flying is a very dangerous and highly skilled career. Every pilot working for an airline is required to go through intense training before flying passengers around the world. Throughout this paper, you will read about how the human resource department functions in an airline and how they go about accomplishing their tasks.

When you walk into an airline’s headquarters for an interview, the first people you usually talk to are the human resource employees. These are the individuals who are responsible for hiring new employees to work for the company. Unlike other careers, flying for an airline requires many skills and patience to be successful. According to one of the human resource department employees of TNT Airlines, the job of the human resource department is one of the most difficult ones within the whole company. They have to choose among hundreds and hundreds of candidates for only a few positions. These are some of the most difficult decisions human resource personnel have to make on a daily basis (TNT Airlines). Every company in the airline industry has a group of individuals called the human resource department. Although selecting the correct employees for the job is a big part of their job, researching and buying the best training aids is also a huge task for which they have to take responsibility.

Along with hundreds of other professions, flying airplanes takes time, commitment, and practice. The best way for pilots to practice doing what they have to do in the real world is to use flight simulators. These items can range anywhere from a million dollars to ten million dollars. Flight simulators are a huge part of the budget for airlines, because the airlines all want their pilots to be trained by the best simulators in the world. In an article by Continental Airlines, they said that they mandate their pilots to go through a recurrence course every six months to make sure the pilots did not forget the basic principles of handling the airplane. The human resource department of Continental is primarily responsible for obtaining this type of equipment for their pilots and making sure that each one of them follows the rules and regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration. When the human resource department receives a project of this magnitude, the first thing they have to do is research all of the possible simulators on the market. Although there are hundreds of simulator companies in the aviation industry, there are only a few among the top that airlines prefer to use for such complex and costly equipment. After the human resource department decides which simulator they would like to order, they are responsible for getting the market value of the simulator and going to the manufacturing company to test it out. This is to ensure that the airline is receiving a simulator that is up to date with all the technology in the airplanes today. Once the employees of Continental decide that this is the perfect simulator to purchase, the head of the human resource department writes up a contract to the simulator company containing the number of simulators they want and the price they are willing to spend. At the same time, other members of the human resource department for Continental are gathering all the information about the simulator so they can start to prepare their pilots to use...
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