Hr Analysis of Local Company

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Hong Kong Management Association
Human Resource Management

Case study – Who Should Do the Job?

Lecturer : Mr. Eric Lau
Huang Pui Fong, Sally
Lo Kar Ki , Kaite
Ng Ka Lok, Rachel (ADSA-1201-0060)
Wong Sze Wing,Sally
Ying Ling, Kelly (ADSA-1201-0054)
Yu Hoi Yan, Jessica (ADSA-1201-0039)

Introduction (Rachel)
It is no doubt that Human Resources Department is demonstrated an important role in a company. It has its power to carry out the “people” or human resources aspects of a management position, including but not limited to recruiting, screening, training, rewarding and appraising.

According to the incident occurred in Supersoft Trading Limited, obviously, the personnel aspect of a manager’s job is not performed very well. The guidelines are not clear on the arrangement of a job duties replacement for absent staff. It is suggested that the Human Resources Department has to prescribe clearer instructions in order to avoid making the same mistake again in the future.

Our group have composed and answered the questions through analysis, solutions and recommendations after reviewing the case happened in Supersoft Trading Limited.

1. If you were Helen, how would you handle this incident? ( Sally Huang)

If I was Helen, I would try to get as much information as possible on the matter before executing a thorough analysis and to make any judgments. I would call in the office manager first, as Olivia knows what had happened and further advise her to communicate with her subordinates more and don’t be so hard. Then I would call in the secretary, Sharon, and the office assistant, Adam. Not just realize the affairs, but also explain the duties of her and be more helpful and get along with each other so that we can have a good, happy working environment. Lastly, I would call in the receptionist, Rebecca. I would tell her it is so awkward and unfair because of our relationship. Therefore, I would suggest her ask Adam expresses his feelings to me. After the individual meetings, I would have a group meeting with Olivia, Sharon, Rebecca, Adam and the tea lady, Teresa. I would analysis the matter and duties to them. If anyone is not in the office, the others have to help each others. I would also make the advisement box in the office. If anyone has any advises or complaints welcome to write down and put in the box. I would collect them once a week. I would organize a bi- weekly meeting to know more their working situation. And I would tell them the advisements that I collected from the box and discuss with them. I would also have an activity once a month to increase their solidarity. A birthday party, hiking, buffet, riding bicycle, etc. We could write a letter to others. As we know that some words are difficult to say but using words are easier to express our feelings. We could have a scoring system. Each staff can score each other including the managers. The highest score one would have HK$500 award. All these policies might help the staffs to increase their working spirit and more unite.

2. What should be done to prevent similar problems in the future? What sort of information and steps needed to be collected before updating the new job analysis details? (Kelly and Jessica)

In order to prevent this happening again, Helen and Olivia will need to work together closely to determine about job analysis. In this incident, the easiest way to prevent the same issue happening again is to having a backup staff to cover the job while the person is away to ensure the smoothness running of the office. Although Teresa’s job as a tea lady seems minimal, but in fact her role in the office is very important because the office would need someone to help preparing drinks and refreshment for office guests or senior management whether or not Teresa is away or on leave. This applies to every position in an office as it has to be kept running and the job has to be...
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