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HRMT 386- Assignment 1|
Athabasca University|
By: Amanda Smith, Student ID# 2723572|


| Famous Films Inc.|
To:Front Line Managers, Department Supervisors, HR Staff
From:Amanda Smith (Human Resource Director)
CC:Scheduling, Payroll
Date: [ 01/02/2011 ]
Re:University Interns- Summer 2011
Famous Films Inc. will be hiring 20 university students into various departments to work from June 1st, 2011 until the university contract end date of August 31, 2011. These interns will be hired into Temporary Full Time assignments and interviews will begin on April 3, 2011 at the Famous Films Inc job fair. This will be the first time where front line managers and department supervisors will be conducting the recruitment and selection portion of the hiring process so it is important to outline the legal obligations that we have to our new hires and the interviewing process. Recruitment and Selection Techniques –What You Can and Can Not Ask The Alberta Human Rights Act prohibits employers from asking certain types of questions that may be deemed as discriminating unless it is for a business purpose acceptable under the Act. Example:

Gender, martial or family status is prohibited from being questioned during an interview but you may ask an interviewee whether or not they have worked or been educated under another name. Or whether or not they have alternate reliable childcare, if they are able to work overtime on short notice or travel on short notice. (Human Rights and You, 2006) It is also prohibited to inquire about race, religion, ancestral nationality as these are most often to be associated with discriminatory questioning. You may ask whether or not they are able to do shift work in a 24/7 work environment, travel, which languages they speak fluently and whether or they are legally permitted to work in Canada. Although many positions in Famous Films Inc require a photo attachment to resumes, none of the positions we are currently hiring for require this attachment. It is also prohibited from inquiring about age, height or weight. The only questioning permitted in this regard is for positions that require an employee to be able to reach a certain height or lift a certain weight. By describing a job description requiring heavy lifting, the interviewee can have a sense of job expectation and whether or not they can accomplish it.

Famous Films Inc is an equal opportunity employer, if you have any further questions on how to conduct an interview or how to pose a question that you feel uncertain the wording, please direct them to Human Resources for more details. Final selection must be made by April 30th,2011 for processing of the HR filing. Post Hiring Information

Each intern will be assigned a mentor by the Department Supervisor. If an intern approaches a front line manager unsure of whom the mentor should be, please see the Department Supervisor for confirmation. Orientation will begin Monday morning on June 1, 2011 at 8am in Boardroom 4 lead by Samantha Roberts, HR On-Staffing Coordinator. This will be a paid 8 hour orientation outlining the company values and expectation, department structures, occupation health and safety as well as assignment of the mentors. Department Supervisors are encouraged to set up a time with Ms. Roberts to introduce themselves to the interns at the June 1st orientation. Regardless of what department the intern is working, all interns will work 7.5 hour day shifts which will include a 30 minute unpaid break. Additional rest breaks are at the discretion of the Department Supervisor according to operational requirements. Due to the nature of the intern’s temporary employment, vacation entitlement will be paid out on every paycheque equalling 4.0% as well as a sick pay equalling 3.2% of the intern’s wages. (Alberta’s Standards, 2010) All interns will begin at the same pay scale regardless of the department they are assigned. This is in an effort to...
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