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B.Ph SEM-VI Examination-Nov/Dec.-2011
Subject code: 260001
Date: 21/11/2011
Subject Name: Hospital Pharmacy, Community Pharmacy & Dispensing Pharmacy- II Time: 10.30 am-01.30 pm
Total marks: 80
1. Attempt any five questions.
2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.
3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.
(a) Define parenteral preparations. Write formulaion of parenteral Q.1
(b) Define HVAC, AHU and FFS. Write a note on types of parenteral preparations.
(c) Discuss quality control and quality assurance of parenteral products.


Enlist all sub parts of CGMP. Highlight important features of Production and Process Controls.
Draw ideal layout plan of manufacturing unit of non-sterile
formulations having solid and liquid dosage forms. What are the steps required for manufacturing of any anti-inflammatory tablet? What is radioactivity? Write uses of radiopharmaceuticals. Write control and regulations regarding the dispensing and distribution of radioisotopes.


What is the concept of prepackaging? Write about design, materials and equipments for packaging of pharmaceuticals.
Enlist different Drug Distribution Systems in hospital. Explain UDDS in detail.
Highlight important features of Non Charge Floor Stock Drugs.


Write role of hospital pharmacist towards healthcare and education in hospital.
What is patient counseling? Write important job profile of a community pharmacist at the retail outlet of medical store. How can we improve the image of an Indian Pharmacist?
Write accreditation aspects of hospital services.




Classify ointment bases. Discuss them with their advantages, disadvantages and examples.
Enlist methods of preparation of ointment. Discuss any one method. Discuss instabilities in cream.
Write note on suppositories and pessaries.

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