Hoyer Lift

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  • Published : November 1, 2010
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Susan Chronopoulos
Ms. Paulin
ENG 223
October 4, 2010
Expanded Definition
Working in the health care field I have choose to do an expanded definition of a Hoyer Lift. What is a Hoyer Llift you ask? A Hoyer Lift is a piece of equipment that is used to aide a person getting from one spot to another, for example a person from bed to a wheelchair. To properly use a Hoyer Lift, a nurse aid would get the sling that would properly fit for the person that is in need to be transferred. Once the aid has the sling, he or she will put the sling around the person attaching the straps to the knobs on the Hoyer Lift. Once the aid makes sure that the person is secured in the sling and attached to the Hoyer Lift then the person is ready to be transferred to a wheel chair, bed side comade, or a regular chair. There are a couple different kinds of Hoyer Lifts. There are electric, hydraulic, bariatric, standing, and sitting lifts. In the nursing home that I worked in I used an electric Hoyer, but in home health I mainly use hydraulic Hoyer. Earlier this year was the first time I had used a standing Hoyer. I find that a standing Hoyer is a little easier to use than a regular Hoyer. The bariatric Hoyer is made for people that weight more than the average person, up to 1000 pounds. Hoyer lifts can look different, but they all have the same purpose, to help a person to get from one spot to another.
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