Howl by Allen Ginsberg

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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English 220
4 October 2012
Option B

I saw the best minds of my generation, consumed by the hatred and temptation, roped in by the idea that theres no greater sensation,
than picking up the needle without any contemplation,
had an eight year full ride, he could of led a whole nation, sacrificed his love for music, to pawn his Gibson, get his fix and use it. If he could go back in time I wonder if he would still choose it.

I saw the best minds of my generation, fueled with frustration when the pregnancy test came back positive and without any hesitation the alpha male was frightened, claiming this is not my creation, saying this is all your fault, i know its you and your flirtation was in anger or out of desperation?

Without a father will the child ever have motivation?

I saw the best minds of my generation, lose hope in things like education to gang bang was to earn respect, but wheres the good in killing just for recreation? It’s not a game its real, theres history, mystery, trials and tribulations. But when you finally come to the revelation, that its poisonous like radiation, because a shotgun to the arm should raise some alarm,

the phone in his pocket must of been his lucky charm,
‘cuz he survived this battle but it does not end the war,
and we don’t wanna witness any more harm.
He missed the target aiming for his head, ‘cuz if he didn’t get initiated his cousin was dead, so he grabbed his nine mm from under his bed,
and he walked to the corner where the bakery used to sell bread, sure lucky the shards didn’t pierce his head.
Two years later he ended up in prison, but his cousin had died because "he didn’t listen". Maybe joining a gang shouldn’t of been his only mission.

I saw the best minds of a generation, men of strength will and determination crumble from the center of their foundation.
As they'd leave late at night to go back to the office,
don’t think this was the first time because he surely wasn’t a...
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