Howl's Moving Castle

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The Neighbor’s Club

Howl’s Moving Castle

It was a fine Saturday morning inside the Neighbor’s club gloomy and messy house. Looking around, each was busy doing whatever task they preferred to do. I got up and went over the small desk where my- I meant our- pencil sharpener is located.

The small grey table had big, old books piled up in its right. Each slightly tilted and covered with thick layers of dust. I grabbed the sharpener on the top drawer.

Maybe cleaning won’t be a bad idea.

I quickly dropped both my pencil and sharpener and find my way to the cleaning closet to get the feather duster. I slowly opened the door, revealing the least visited place in the mansion. (It fits with its size, okay?) Piles of unused floor wax- that I swore have already expired- on the right, and brooms, mops and other cleaning materials scattered on the left.

Feather duster, where art thou?

I went out silently coughing because of dust. I walked slowly back to the grey desk with a feather duster in my right hand. I quickly passed through the dining area or the mess hall. The sweet smell of pancakes, waffles and bacon then filled my lungs. I turned right on our main hall to find Imma busily cooking whatever food the rest would request. “I want… eggs!” said Katrina as she gently picked up the napkin that was once neatly folded. “I swear, you guys are trying to empty our fridge!” Imma shouted while cracking two eggs for Katrina. “It isn’t our fault if we want different breakfasts. Now pass me those bacons!” Averylle said reaching for a big pile of bacon “I think I’m hungry for Chinese food…” JC suddenly said.

Imma sneered. Her big eyes blazed from anger. “Oh come on! And I’m guessing you want Thai food?” she said gesturing at me. “No, I’m good.”
“You sure, Thea? You haven’t eat anything, have you?” asked Ervin as he swallowed pasta. Wait pasta? “You’re eating pasta?”
“For breakfast?”
Ervin gave an evil smile as he looked at Imma. Her eyes narrowed. “Wow, Imma, you’ve outdone yourself.”
I took a quick look around our dining table. Eggs- sunny-side-up – were piled in one plate placed near Katrina. Fried rice was placed in the middle, just beside the gigantic stacks of pancakes dripping with maple syrup. A huge bowl of pasta and a wide array of sauces, and bowl of fried chicken all laid down the right. Averylle was simply eating bacon. Imma went in and gave JC a few more stacks of plates and silverware.

I immediately put the feather duster down near a small table to help JC set up the plates. I turned back to the same table I lay the feather duster down to get a few table napkins for the rest. “I think I want hotdogs for breakfast.” I jokingly said as I took a plate from JC. “Be ready in a few.”

“Good morning!” Karen said as she took a seat beside Jericho who is once again programming on his laptop. Jericho greeted her back not looking up from his laptop while taking a small sip of coffee. “Wow, is it famine already? How long have I slept?” John said walking in. “I want sandwiches.”

“Oh, that reminds me, we have good peanut butter right? I want peanut butter!” Averylle said. “Tuna for me!” said Karen as she got a piece of fried chicken. “It’s just a sandwich.” Ervin lazily replied as he reached for the newspaper. “I just really don’t get why you’re all worked up in them.” “I want clubhouse,” said John. “Oh, make that two!” said Katrina. “I want chicken sandwich!” said Jericho as he turn his laptop off.

Imma went in with a plate of hotdogs on the right hand, and a tray of sandwiches on the other. I quickly stepped up to help her. “Thank you” she said. “I think I’m feeding giants here.” “He,” I gave her a small smile, “It’s okay Imma. Let’s eat!” ****

After breakfast, we all left the kitchen except for JC who is now busy washing the dishes after a long argument. (He he) I took the feather duster with me and went to the desk in the living room.

I quickly dusted the desk and took the books...
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