Howard Zinn Chapters 4 5 and 6

Topics: White people, Working class, British Empire Pages: 4 (1462 words) Published: November 4, 2010
Tyranny is Tyranny
Tyranny is Tyranny starts off talking about our nation and how it is ready to remove itself from British rule and not be unfairly treated but go about it not causing rebellions and create a consensus for this new developing country. The Founding Fathers are the one who deserve this credit though by created a control over the states and showed our future leaders how to do. It all started with Bacons rebellion and many rebellions from many states came after this. English victories had not scared the Americans anymore in the French and Indian war. This made an idea that maybe after the Indians where threw in the colonies that maybe the Britain’s were next but it was never spoken upon. With the win though the British anticipated to gain some control over the states because the war was very costly and the colonies where now important to the British economy. The Americans didn’t need British control anymore though but British depended very deeply on the revenues of the colonies. This war brought unemployment to the poor and one example was New York even being wrote about. Boston citizens found a new way to complain or get their opinion out but going and having town meetings. This brought the idea that some upper class actually cared about lower class problems. The stamp act also came about which brought about a rebellion and this was all because of the French war something Britain was not suppose to charge the states for. The thoughts and conscience of most of these lower and middle class was finally making a stand and they made an attack on wealth. They made suggestion to vote in overgrown rich men and they would try to make everybody like them so it was best not too. The country was where most conflict was acquiring towards the rich. They tried to turn them to their side though my giving them some rights but giving their selves a whole lot more. There were also tenant riots and they got very wild but tenants weren’t ever close to the so called...
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